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Bicycle Accidents on Coffee Road In Bakersfield CA

Bicyclists can be at risk from traffic in Bakersfield from the moment they take to the road. There are crosswalks for cyclists and pedestrians in some sections of the city, but often those paths can send cyclists across seven and eight lanes of traffic. The cyclist can have little time to cover such a distance and keep an eye on cars coming from every direction.

Bakersfield Police see the frightening results anytime a driver doesn’t pay enough attention to look out for someone as defenseless as a person on a bike. The California Transportation Injury Mapping System shows that in 2019 Bakersfield recorded 82 accidents involving Bicyclists. Three cyclists were tragically killed over the year and another 79 suffered injuries.

Bicyclist Killed In Bakersfield After Collision with Vehicle

A collision claimed the life of a person on a bicycle Saturday evening in West Bakersfield. ABC23-TV reported the accident happened near the intersection of Coffee Road and Brimhall Road on March 13, 2021.

Bakersfield police said a vehicle struck the bicyclist around 6:45 p.m. The victim died at the scene. There was no other information immediately available on the driver of the vehicle. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Support for Families After Bakersfield Bicycle Accidents

Families will be devastated by the news of a loved one lost to a mistake by a careless driver. Close relatives can also soon be subjected to unfair financial stress over an accident that wasn’t their loved one’s fault.

If this is the case, filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help protect the family from financial hardship immediately after an accident and in the future as a spouse, children, and other close relatives must carry on without the guidance and support a loved one provided.

Wrongful death lawsuits are directed against the at-fault driver’s insurance company and can seek help with expenses like burial costs, emergency response fees, and also seek help making up for lost wages the deceased would have provided the family over a lifetime through their employment.

Contact a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer

California law provides for families after a tragic accident, but insurance firms won’t inform them of all of their options at such a difficult time. They want to save money and keep families in the dark about their rights.

Having an attorney representing your family after an accident can make a substantial difference in the amount of support you may receive to help pay bills and protect family members from financial worry in the future. Contact an experienced Bakersfield bicycle accident lawyer at Maison Law for a free consultation on your situation and some guidance on making sure your family doesn’t get treated unfairly by insurance agents.


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