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Pedestrian Accidents Involving A Hit-And-Run in Lamont CA

Drivers in Kern County have to show a “duty of care” to pedestrians no matter when and where they come upon them. This legal responsibility means that drivers must always exercise extra caution in an area where pedestrians may be traveling, which means on every street and highway.

This special protection is extended to anyone on foot because of the big difference in protection someone in a vehicle enjoys and the extreme lack of protection a pedestrian has. A lack of attention by drivers, or reckless behavior like speeding can put a pedestrian in harm’s way. Drivers may not even realize someone on foot is nearby, but can still be held responsible if they cause an accident.

Man Killed in Pedestrian Hit & Run Accident in Lamont

A man tragically lost his life in a pedestrian collision in Lamont early Tuesday morning. ABC23-TV reported the victim was found along Di Giorgio Road near Highway 184 on February 16, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) located the victim around 6:40 p.m. but they think the accident probably happened closer to 2:45 a.m. The man had been struck by an unknown vehicle. The driver involved did not remain on the scene.

A description of the hit-and-run driver or vehicle involved has not been released. If anyone has any information on the tragic accident they are asked to call the Bakersfield CHP office.

Aid for Families After a Kern County Pedestrian Accident

Families will be devastated by the news that a loved one was lost because of the carelessness of a driver. That pain and grief will only increase when a tragic accident involves a hit-and-run driver. This heartless act of leaving a victim and speeding away to avoid blame can leave a family doubting if they’ll be able to find justice for their lost relative.

In a case where the responsible driver is never identified, a family may be able to get help with their financial burdens by asking the deceased victim’s car insurance provider for support. If the victim didn’t have a car insurance policy, he or she may have been covered by a family member’s policy. Coverage for ambulance costs, funeral and burial expenses, and the lost wages the deceased would have provided the family in the future could be provided by the uninsured motorists portion of the car insurance policy.

If there is positive news and the at-fault driver is found and arrested, then a wrongful death lawsuit can move forward on behalf of the family. The driver’s insurance company would be called upon to help the family and could even be expected to support the family as they face life in the years to come without the financial and emotional care a victim would have provided.

Contact a Lamont Wrongful Death Lawyer

After losing a loved one in a hit-and-run accident a spouse, children of the victim, or parents of the victim can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family. This claim can also be filed by an attorney working for the family. An attorney can also make sure a family is protected from insurance agents who are often out to limit the support they have to provide victims.

After a tragic accident contact an experienced Kern County Wrongful Death Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every family should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and personalized attention to detail their case deserves.


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