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Head-On Collisions On Highway 43 In Kern County

Highways can be the scenes for dangerous collisions, especially when careless drivers combine high speeds and distraction to put every other motorist at risk.  A veer across the dotted line into oncoming traffic can lead to a frightening head-on crash, involving more force than any other type of collision possible on the road.

Vehicles carry their deadly speeds into an impact to combine in the force of a collision. The injuries can be severe and the possibility of a tragic loss of life is much higher in any head-on accident.

Kern County Deadly Accident

One person was tragically killed in a multi-vehicle collision in western Kern County on Sunday afternoon. KGET-TV reported the accident happened on Highway 43 and Peterson Road west of McFarland around 5 p.m. on December 20, 2020.

The California Highway Patrol indicated that three vehicles were involved and that the accident involved a head-on collision. The cause of the collision has not been released.

Investigators confirmed that one person was killed in the crash. Two other people were injured. Their conditions haven’t been made public.

Support for Kern County Accident Victims and their Families

Highway accidents can leave many victims behind including their families who must try to carry on after the loss of a loved one. Victims will find that accidents can take enormous emotional and financial tolls on them and their families as they struggle to return to some sense of normalcy.

Families who have lost a loved one in an accident have also lost the love and financial support the victim provided, and that’s not just an immediate loss. The loss will be felt by a spouse, children, and other close relatives for years to come. In these difficult cases, it can be necessary for a family to take action to protect the futures of everyone affected.

A wrongful death claim can be filed against the responsible driver and his or her auto coverage to seek damages for the family. This claim would be filed in the hopes of gaining compensation for hospital costs accrued before the victim passed on, funeral expenses, and to reimburse the family for the wages the victim would have provided in the future had they been able to keep working. Mental anguish and a loss of love and support for close loved ones down the road can also be factored in.

For surviving victims, a similar path to receiving compensation can proceed. An injured victim can file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver’s insurance company over the extreme costs of hospital care and rehabilitation. Paychecks from work lost while a victim is recovering can also be covered.

Contact a Bakersfield Auto Accident Attorney

A local attorney representing victims and their families can make sure every hardship they will face is covered when insurance companies offer settlement money. An attorney can protect families from being treated unfairly by insurance agents who may try to offer only a fraction of what the family will need to begin to rebuild their lives.

Contact an experienced Bakersfield car accident lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every victim and family should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and personalized attention to detail their case deserves.


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