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New Rideshare Inspiration Transportation in Fresno

A new, green, transportation option is opening up the west side of Fresno County for those in need of an economical ride.

The Inspiration Transportation rideshare service rolls out in October 2020 with the goal of giving people underserved by public transit routes a more reliable path to their destinations.

ABC30-TV talked to the founder, Matthew Gillian, about his goals for the rideshare. He said, “It’s freeing to know you can get where you need to be, when you need to be. I hope this provides an opportunity for folks to get to more of their health appointments they need to keep up with one’s health, to access more education, to access workforce development.”

Inspiration Transportation is a low-cost service but also offers absolutely free rides to those who can’t afford to pay. Right now if you call or log-in to create an account you’ll get a free $5 round trip ride in certain parts of Fresno County.

The service rolls out first in West Park, with another program coming to Biola. The company plans to work with social service organizations to help their clients schedule rides when they have important appointments or when they need to pick up groceries for the week. Another goal is to work with the County’s DAWN initiative to make sure mothers have access to a maternal health program.

In another win for the region, Inspiration Transportation will use only electric vehicles. The founder hopes to avoid adding any extra pollution to the San Joaquin Valley with zero-emission rides.

The company may add an electric van if it proves necessary. They also hope to expand across Central Valley.

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