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Merced County Two-Car Collisions

The morning traffic rush can be a hazardous time to be on the road for any motorist. Drivers can be concerned with getting to work or school and get careless, forcing other drivers on the road into a dangerous collision.

The California Highway Patrol notes the increase in accidents in their yearly data. They see a jump in accidents with injuries between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. every morning across the state. Those two hours see more accidents than any other time between midnight and noon.

A mistake by a distracted, careless driver can put everyone else on the road at risk and lead to a devastating tragedy.

Merced County Deadly Two-Car Collision

One person lost their life in a Thursday morning collision in Merced County. KSEE-TV reported the accident happened after 8:30 a.m. in the area of Bloss Avenue and Palm Street south of Delhi on October 8, 2020.

The California Highway Patrol says the two-car collision involved a black Chevrolet Van and a gray Toyota car. The impact killed one person.

One person involved had to be extricated from a vehicle by emergency crews. One injured victim was taken to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto. Another injured victim was taken to Emmanuel Medical Center in Turlock. There’s been no information released on what led to the accident.

Finding Justice in a Merced County Car Accident

The consequences of any tragic collision can have far-reaching effects on the victims and their families. The grief and worry suffered by loved ones can be overwhelming. At this time, victims and families shouldn’t have to worry about hospital bills and other expenses as they try to recover and heal.

In these difficult situations, victims can file a claim for damages against the driver who caused the accident. The civil lawsuit would attempt to get help paying medical costs and ambulance fees from the responsible driver’s insurance policy. A claim could also demand compensation for the lost time from work a victim hurt in a serious accident is likely facing.

If the unthinkable happens and a family loses a loved one to another driver’s mistake at the wheel, then a wrongful death claim can be filed to ensure close family members like a spouse or children are provided for in the future.

The claim would hopefully protect the close relatives from any lingering hospital bills and funeral costs. The compensation could also reimburse any lost paychecks the victim would have used to support the family with if he or she had survived and continued to work. The emotional support the deceased would have provided children or a spouse over a lifetime can also be factored into an award of compensation.

Contact a Merced Car Accident Attorney if You Need Help

If you suffered a serious injury in an accident caused by a careless driver or if you lost a family member in an accident please talk to a Merced attorney about your best options. Protecting yourself and your family should be your only concern. Let an attorney working on your side make sure the responsible driver and his or her insurance company provide for your family’s future.

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