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Pedestrian Accidents In Southeast Fresno

Pedestrians face dangerous risks anytime their walking route forces them to be in close proximity to cars, SUVs, and trucks. Distracted drivers can make even the simple task of crossing the street a treacherous activity when they don’t bother to double-check for anyone else using the road.

Nighttime can be especially hazardous for pedestrians because careless drivers who can miss spotting someone during daylight hours have an even greater chance of their negligence causing a collision after sundown.

A mistake by a motorist can leave a victim with severe injuries and facing a difficult recovery.

Man in Critical Condition After Struck by Vehicle in Fresno

A man suffered serious injuries after getting hit by a vehicle in southeast Fresno Thursday night. KSEE-TV reported the accident happened near the intersection of McKinley and Cedar Avenues on September 24, 2020.

Fresno Police say a driver ran a red light and struck the man. The victim was transported to Community Regional Medical Center with a broken leg and severe head injuries. He was listed in critical condition.

The driver involved stayed on the scene for the investigation. Police don’t believe drugs or alcohol were factors in the collision.

Compensation for Fresno Pedestrian Accident Victims

The National Safety Council found that after dark pedestrians must be on high alert for careless drivers. Researchers say that around 76% of the fatal pedestrian accidents in 2018 happened in low light conditions.

The jeopardy for a pedestrian can lead to a scary impact with a vehicle and send a victim to the hospital. The recovery can be long and expensive. Victims and their families can be wondering how to find help with the financial burden of ambulance fees and doctor bills. These concerns arise as victims often find they won’t even be able to return to work for weeks or months and can’t earn a paycheck to help with expenses.

As the victim attempts to heal, filing a claim for damages against the driver who caused this tragic accident may be the only way to avoid facing the consequences alone. The patient can use this civil lawsuit to demand help with paying for all the bills that arise during the recovery process. The compensation can even include consideration for any medical treatments expected in the future and any missed time from work anticipated in the years ahead.

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