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Pedestrian Accidents at Visalia Gas Stations

A trip to a gas station should be as fast, convenient, and as safe as possible.  The owners and operators want you to fuel up and grab snacks and drinks for your trip, but they should also be concerned with the safety of their customers both inside and outside the store.

A gas station parking lot can be especially dangerous for people on foot. Cracked pavement or garbage and debris can create a trip-and-fall threat. Spilled ice and drinks can send anyone into a painful slip-and-fall. Cars pulling up and out all day also leave oil and residue build-up that can send anyone to the ground to suffer a sudden injury.

Pedestrian Struck by Car at Visalia Gas Station

A pedestrian was taken to the hospital after tripping and falling in front of a vehicle and getting hit. KSEE-TV reported on the accident on August 24, 2020.

Investigators say the victim fell in front of a vehicle as it pulled away from a gas station pump at Caldwell Avenue and West Avenue. The vehicle struck the pedestrian.

The victim was transported to the hospital. The investigation into the accident continues.  Investigators don’t think alcohol or drug use was involved in the accident.

Compensation in a Parking Lot Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are always at risk around moving cars and SUVs and can suffer severe injuries in an impact. Victims may be left to face an expensive recovery and wonder who can be held responsible for an accident that occurred around a place of business.

The answer is that there may be several parties that can be held liable, especially if a vehicle collision in the parking lot of a store or gas station is involved. The driver may be found at fault, perhaps for distracted driving, and be made to pay for things like hospital bills and financial losses from missed time from work.

The gas station owner and operators may also be held responsible and have to pay compensation to the victim.  California premises liability laws require that proprietors make the areas in and around their gas stations as safe as possible for the public.  If these hazards aren’t monitored and cleaned-up or repaired in a reasonable amount of time the owners and operators can shoulder the blame and for any injuries that result.

If a victim takes a fall and is injured, he or she would need to prove the owner created the hazard that led to the accident. Or if the hazard was created by a customer’s carelessness, owners can still be liable if they knew about the issue but didn’t remove or repair the problem.

In these premises liability cases, California allows victims up to two years to file a claim for damages against all of the parties who may have been at fault for an injury.

Contact a Visalia Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured after taking a fall at a place of business an experienced Visalia personal injury attorney can help you determine who may be held to blame.  There may be several at-fault parties in your case that can be held responsible for your physical, emotional, and financial hardships suffered in the aftermath of the accident.

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