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Tulare County Semi-Truck and Car Collisions

There are several hazards that drivers must avoid on the highways, but the largest trucks on the road are a reason for extreme caution.  These trucks can weigh 20 to 30 times what a normal car or SUV weighs. They travel Central Valley roads day and night and any collision with these giants can be devastating.

A total of 4,136 people died in large truck crashes in 2018. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also found that trucks with tractor-trailers posed the most danger. Seventy-four percent of deaths in large truck crashes in 2018 involved tractor-trailers.

We don’t need the statistics to see how much damage a big rig could do to any passenger vehicle. The size difference is obvious. A driver can be severely injured in any collision with a big truck and face a long, expensive recovery.

Tulare County Semi-Truck and Car Collision

A man suffered serious injuries after a collision with a Tractor-Trailer on Wednesday night.  ABC30-TV reported on the crash and said it happened on Avenue 416 and Road 42, west of Dinuba.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the crash shortly after 9:30 pm on July 29, 2020. Investigators say a 47-yr-old driver struck the semi-truck from behind as it was pulling out. The truck traveled sideways across 4 lanes and was then struck by a second car.

The driver of the first car was rushed to Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno with serious injuries. The other two drivers involved were not injured.

Accidents Involving Large Trucks

These tragic encounters are so dangerous to anyone in a passenger car because of the differences in shape and size. The body of a big rig doesn’t generally move in a collision with a smaller vehicle. It can be like hitting a wall for anyone in an SUV. The height of 18-wheelers also contributes to more severe injuries.  These trucks sit up much higher than other vehicles and in accidents cars often end up underneath the trailers.  This position is potentially life-threatening for anyone in the car.

Victim Legal Support After an Accident

A victim in an accident may wonder how to get help with hospital bills and lost wages from an at-fault driver. A personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance is one possibility.  In fact, the company the driver was working for could also be held liable and have to pay a settlement. Careless driving, a bad driving record or faulty blinker and tail lights are all reasons truck drivers and their employers may be held responsible for damages after a crash.

In California, a victim has two years to file a lawsuit over the accident. If you miss that deadline, it could mean that you forfeit your right to get compensation for your injuries.

It’s also important to know that even if victims think an accident may be partially their fault, a lawsuit may still be a good idea. California is a pure comparative negligence state.  That allows for all the people involved in an accident to share a percentage of the blame. A victim may be found 40% to blame in the accident, but a truck driver may share 60% of the fault.  That means a victim can still recover 60% of the damages suffered.

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