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Motorcycle Hit and Runs in Fresno, CA

Motorcyclists out on a ride must always watch out for the other drivers on the road.  The other drivers should be watching out for motorcyclists too, but all too often that doesn’t happen and a tragic accident can be the result.

Low Visibility Leads to Higher Impact Rate

As the sun goes down the visibility problem only grows.  A study by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) illustrates how vulnerable Motorcyclists are as the light fades.  The most fatal accidents in 2017 happened between 6 pm and 9 pm accounting for 22% of all motorcycle accidents.  The time between 9pm to Midnight wasn’t far behind accounting for 15% of the deadly accidents for the year.

A nighttime accident can cause a motorcyclist to suffer severe injuries and even cost a rider his or her life. The tragedy of these situations is only magnified when the at-fault driver doesn’t remain on the scene and flees to avoid taking responsibility.

Fresno Deadly Motorcycle Accident on Del Mar Avenue

The search for a hit and run suspect continues after an accident that killed a motorcyclist Thursday night.  ABC30-TV reported on the accident on Del Mar Avenue at Shields Avenue on July 30, 2020.

Fresno police say the driver of a BMW was traveling north and struck the rider around 10:30pm. They say the driver then parked the car on Del Mar Avenue and fled the scene.

Officers have not released a description of the driver at this time.

Seeking Justice for a Family Member after a Hit & Run

These tragic cases happen every day and leave the families of the victims to grieve and wonder how someone could drive off after causing such a horrible accident. The victim’s family will likely consider how to seek justice when the driver’s identity isn’t known.

If the driver is never caught there is protection for victims and their families in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. A victim and the family left behind should be covered under the victim’s insurance policy. Uninsured motorist insurance is inexpensive and is generally included in most insurance plans.

For families who lost a loved one, standard uninsured motorist coverage can help provide for financial damages even though a driver left the scene.  Assistance paying for any hospital bills, funeral costs, and even recovery for lost wages the victim would have earned are all possible.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

If the responsible driver in a fatal hit-and-run is known or is identified later, certain family members are permitted to seek damages from the driver’s insurance company.

California’s wrongful death laws allow the deceased victim’s husband or wife to file a claim. If there is no surviving husband or wife, the deceased’s children or dependent stepchildren can represent the family in a lawsuit. If there are no children or dependent stepchildren, the deceased’s dependent parents can bring the claim.

In California, the family has two years from the time of death of the victim to file a claim for damages against the driver’s insurance company. Attorney Martin Gasparian with The Maison Law Firm doesn’t recommend waiting this long to file a claim.  The more time that passes after an accident, the harder it will be to collect the evidence and documentation needed to build a strong case.

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