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Fresno Roll-Over Accidents

In a motor vehicle collision, the first concern is for the people that that may be injured. For a parent at the wheel, the first thought will be for that young life in the backseat.

Car accidents are the number one threat to children.  In the most recent US accident numbers from the CDC, almost 116,000 children (12 and under) were injured in traffic accidents in a single year.

A parent can make safety the priority behind the wheel, but a careless or distracted driver can force anyone into an accident.  A family can be left with injuries to mom and dad and children.  The recovery will involve healing physical and emotional trauma.

Fresno Rollover Crash Leaves Three Injured

A two-vehicle collision sent three people to the hospital, including an 8-yr-old boy.  KSEE-TV reported on the accident Monday, July 20, 2020.

Police were on the scene at Clinton Avenue and N. Bond street around 3:30 Monday afternoon.  They determined an SUV pulled out in front of a car. The car landed on its roof. The SUV was left on its side.

Three people were rushed to the hospital.  One of the victims was an 8-yr-old boy with a broken arm.

Protecting Children in an Accident

These tragic accidents can be devastating. We know that because children’s bodies and minds are still developing, their injuries are often more severe than those received by an adult in the same accident.

The rollover accident is particularly dangerous for victims of any age, but are especially hazardous for children.  Children are much more likely to suffer an incapacitating injury during a rollover than any other kind of auto accident. These injuries can leave them unable to walk or resume their normal activities, at least in the immediate aftermath.

What to do in an Accident Involving Children

  • See to your safety and then check on your children. Remain on the scene even if the accident and injuries appear minor.
  • Call 911 as soon as possible. Unless in immediate danger (for example if your car is submerged), don’t move your children as long as they are secure. Let paramedics check them out first.
  • Collect information from other drivers and any witnesses.
  • Take photos of the scene, damage, and any visible injuries found on your body or your children’s bodies.
  • Give a full, detailed report to the police on what happened.

Contact a Central Valley Car Accident Lawyer

Every family will need support in the aftermath of a serious accident.  If you or your children were injured in an accident caused by another driver, you’ll need to secure your family’s future.  Your family deserves to focus on recovery and getting back to normal family stuff.  Let a local car accident attorney worry about getting you compensation for your family’s medical bills now and in the future from the person responsible.

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