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Who’s at Fault in a Flat Tire Accident in the Central Valley?

If you live in the Central Valley and driver on one of the two-lane highways that run through the region, you know how dangerous a flat tire can be. The roads are narrow and often have small shoulders leaving little room to get a car back under control.

A flat tire can cause a car to veer off the road and crash into an object or rollover. These events can cause serious injury to those in the car. When that happens, who is at fault?

Four Injured in Rollover Crash in Tulare county

A blown tire caused the driver of a car to lose control while driving along Highway 99 in Tulare County. The accident happened around 1 am, May 3, 2020, and police say that once the car left the road, it rolled over and ended up on its roof.

One passenger in the back of the car was in critical condition, and the driver of the car and the other two passengers sustained mild to moderate injuries and were all transported to the Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia. Police say that they don’t believe that drugs or alcohol were involved, and the accident is still under investigation.

Single-Car Accident Liability

Under California law, the driver that is negligent is responsible for all injuries related to the accident. In most cases, the accident involved two or more vehicles, and the driver that is at fault will pay for the injuries. However, in a single-car crash caused by a flat tire, it isn’t so clear how the victim’s injuries will be paid.

If the driver was negligent by driving on a bald or faulty tire, or because the driver oversteered after the tire blew, then those injured in the vehicle can seek compensation from the driver’s insurance company. In many cases, it may seem awkward to sue a friend or relative if they were driving the car. However, this is why they have insurance so that if they harm someone that person can get paid for their injuries.

What do I do if I’m Injured in a Single-Car Accident?

Single car accidents can produce serious injuries, and liability issues can be complex. At Maison Law, we offer a free consultation so you can be advised of the law and your rights. We feel strongly that once you understand how we can help you, that you will feel at ease letting us handle your claim while you focus on getting back on your feet.

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