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Big Rig Head-On Collisions in Central Valley

Big Rig Head-On Collisions in Central Valley

The Central Valley is home to some of the most fertile farmlands in the country if not the world. The land is marked with acres of farmland framed by roads and highways used to transport goods and equipment. The valley also has a major freeway running through it which is used to get goods up and down the west coast.

Statistics show that commercial truck drivers are safer than the average motorist, however, when one of these rigs gets into an accident, it can result in a significant amount of damage and injuries.

One Dead Several Injured in Big Rig Crash near Los Banos

A sedan crossed the centerline of Highway 152 just west of Los Banos Tuesday, January 14, 2020, and hit a semi-truck head-on. According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident happened around 4 p.m. near the Santa Nella Road offramp.

The sedan flipped and rolled before it hit the semi-truck. Pieces of the car struck a third vehicle injuring its driver. The driver of the sedan was ejected from his vehicle and died at the scene. There was extensive damage to the big rig, and its driver was airlifted to a Modesto hospital in critical condition.

Rural Driving and Big Rigs

According to a study by the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration, rural drivers only make up 30 percent of all drivers yet rural crashes account for well over half of all fatalities. One of the reasons is that there are more crashes involving commercial trucks, and those accidents tend to be more serious.

The Central Valley is lined with two-lane rural highways like Highway 152 which are ripe for large truck accidents like the one described above.

Head-On Collisions and Big Rigs

Another reason rural driving is so dangerous is the likelihood of a head-on collision. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 13 percent of all rural crashes are head-on collisions whereas they only make up 7 percent of urban driving.

Also, a head-on collision with a big rig has a much higher chance of death or serious injury than with another vehicle.

Big Rig Collision Injuries

A fully loaded semi-truck weighs around 80,000 lbs and a passenger vehicle averages around 3,500 lbs. It’s this weight and size disparity that makes a head-on with a big rig so dangerous. First responders see certain types of injuries common to big rig head-on collision because of the violence of the impact.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Broken legs/arms
  • Fractured/Displaced Ribs
  • Chest Compressions
  • Crush Injuries
  • Organ Damage
  • Internal Injuries/Bleeding
  • Airbag injuries

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