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Merced ATV accidents – What You Should Know

The same rules don’t apply for ATV drivers and riders, but safety should always be the primary concern when riding on all terrain vehicles (ATVs). There is still a duty that is incumbent on any ATV driver to use due care and caution not to damage the property of somebody else or cause injury to the person of another.

They Aren’t Toys

ATVs are a popular form of recreation. They’re even used as transportation vehicles on farms and ranches in the area. There are times when their power isn’t respected though, and they’re used as toys rather than transportation vehicles. There are catastrophic results of this type of behavior every year in California. That’s when ATV accident victims and their families need to have all of their legal options reviewed by an experienced ATV accident attorney.

Possible Liable Parties

We see severe injuries and deaths in ATV accidents for a variety of reasons. Given the wear and tear that these vehicles experience, they must be carefully designed and manufactured. Sufficient warnings and must be given about rollovers and inexperienced operators. Couple inexperienced, negligent or reckless operation of an ATV with alcohol consumption, drug use or a combination of the two, and the risk of serious injury or death decreases dramatically. Here are some examples of who might be held liable for serious injuries or a death as a result of an ATV accident:

  • The manufacturer who might have created a design, manufacturing or marketing defect in the ATV.
  • The operator of the ATV who might have negligently or recklessly driven it.
  • The owner or occupier of the land where an ATV accident occurred due to dangerous but hidden conditions.

A Tragic Fatality in Merced Area ATV Crash

In June of 2019, a 16-year-old Le Grand girl died as a result of a Merced County ATV accident. Two other teens suffered moderate injuries in the accident that involved two ATVs. As the lead ATV slowed to pull into a private driveway, the following ATV failed so slow down. It crashed into the rear of the First ATV. All occupants of the second ATV were thrown from it. None of them were wearing helmets, and ATV’s speed at time of impact was believed to be about 25 mph. Tragically, the girl suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, and she died shortly after being airlifted to Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera.

Merced Personal Injury Attorney:

After a suffering severe injuries or a fatal accident, family members of the injured person or decedent are left emotionally flattened. The State of California has put strict time limitations are in place, especially if a governmental entity might be involved.

We’re compassionate and understanding professionals here who have represented victims of tragedies before. You can tell us what happened and how it happened. We know that you’ll have questions, and we can answer those for you too. After that, we can tell you what we think we might be able to do for you. We offer free consultations and case evaluations for ATV victims and their families. Given the time constraints, contact us to arrange for that as soon as possible.

After any accident involving a serious injury, speak to an experienced Merced personal injury lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every client should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice and the personalized attention to detail their case deserves.

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