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Texting and Driving

How Texting and Driving Can Ruin More Than Your Teen’s Life

The lure of the cell phone while driving causes thousands of deaths every year. Texting and driving have become an epidemic that endangers everyone on the road. Teens who are just learning the skills of driving are especially dangerous behind the wheel if they decide to text when operating a vehicle. If your teen causes an accident while texting and driving, they could be putting their life and others at risk. Similarly, if they were injured from a texting and driving accident, their life and yours could be ruined.

Dangers of Teen Texting and Driving

In California, texting and driving is illegal. Any use of a handheld cell phone is banned and for teenagers, even the use of hands-free cell phones is against the law. Teens are still learning the skills needed to become safe drivers. When distracted by a cell phone, teenagers can be a danger on the roads. Texting and driving at the same time can cause serious accidents that can cause serious injuries and death. If your teen is at fault, they could be facing legal charges and be liable for damages. As their parent, you could also be liable for the damages caused by their negligence.

Under liability laws in California, parents are liable for some negligent crimes committed by their children. This include driving accidents that cause injuries. If a teen was texting and driving when they caused an injury or fatality accident, they could be facing charges. Victims could also sue the teen and their family for damages caused by their actions. Whether your teen was at fault or the victim in a texting and driving accident, their life and yours could be ruined as a result.

The National Safety Council estimates that 27% of all crashes involve a cell phone. This can be even higher for teens who are still learning the basic skills of driving. It is every parent’s responsibility to educate their teens on the dangers of texting and driving or any cell phone use while behind the wheel.

Was Your Teen Injured in a Texting and Driving Accident?

Even if your teen was heeded your advice and kept their cell phones off when driving, they could still be injured by others using a cell phone while driving. If your teen has suffered a serious injury caused by a distracted driver, contact Maison Law for legal advice. We have offices in Visalia and Merced ? call or email us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.


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