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Fresno City Council Continues Work On E-Scooter Ordinance

As of 2019, officials in Fresno are still debating the details of a new ordinance that would allow rentable e-scooters on the city’s streets. According to the Fresno Bee, Fresno City Council should have a new ordinance draft ready for a vote before the summer of 2019.

Supporters of e-scooters in Fresno argue these devices offer an eco-friendly transportation alternative for citizens. These proponents also point out there’s great demand for e-scooters from millennials, which is important considering Fresno’s large community of college students.

Councilmembers who oppose e-scooters in Fresno are most concerned with potential safety issues. One of the major issues cities across the USA have had with e-scooters include issues like riding or parking these devices in hazardous areas like sidewalks.

Early drafts of Fresno’s e-scooter ordinance had clauses that required any e-scooter companies that violated the city’s policies to pay heavy fees or face jail time. A few council members have since complained that these policies would drive e-scooter companies away from the city.

Fresno City Council has been drafting an ordinance for e-scooters since at least October of 2018. It’s expected this ordinance will allow e-scooter companies to apply for a permit to operate in Fresno as well as a few college campuses.

Fresno locals got their first opportunity to try out e-scooters in August of 2018 when Santa Monica-based company Bird send its devices into the city without prior warning. When City Council discovered Bird’s e-scooters on the streets, however, it issued a formal e-scooter ban that remains in effect.

It’s unknown when Fresno will release its latest e-scooter ordinance. For those interested in following the city’s progress on this issue, consider visiting Fresno’s official website on


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