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Determining Fault in a Farm Accident in Visalia

Farm accidents happen every day. The damage from a farm accident can range from small cuts or bruises to devastating disabilities and fatalities. The USDA reports that the most traumatic accidents result from working with machinery such as tractors. They cite designs in buildings, electrical exposure, handling livestock and diversity of weather as common elements that contribute to most farm injuries. Jobs that appear to be the most hazardous include machine or equipment maintenance, fieldwork and animal care. Agriculture is considered one of the most hazardous types of industry.

Farm Accidents in Visalia

Visalia is found in Tulare county, the nation’s leader in milk production, as well as one of the top three farm counties in all of America. Agriculture is also the largest employer in the Visalia area. Other farm products in Visalia include grapes, citrus fruits, cattle, pistachios and almonds, peaches, and corn. It’s easy to imagine with this much production and so many employees working on farms, there are going to be a number of farm accidents. The National Ag Safety Database lists a few facts about the nature of accidents on US farms:

  • Rural (farm) environments are often more hazardous than environments in urban landscapes
  • High rates of accidents for farm youth- half of yearly mortality rate for ages 15-24
  • 80% farm accidents due to carelessness or unsafe hazard handling. Many unavoidable accidents.
  • Farm people accidents most frequently associated with motor-vehicles, such as tractors. On farm property, farm machinery is typical agency for injury.
  • Farm accidents at highest peak during crop production or harvest time from June through August.

Agricultural Law

California Farm Labor Laws outline the rights of farm workers and responsibilities of employers. Farm owners and farm equipment manufacturers are responsible for providing safe environments and equipment for workers. Investigations are necessary to determine liability in farm accidents, so it’s important to contact your attorney as soon as you are involved in a farm accident. Due to the serious nature of some farm accidents, an injured worker could be out of work for any period of time, or permanently.

Injured farm workers need someone to look out for their rights as they navigate how to pay medical expenses, household bills, and other areas impacted by injuries. The Maison Law Firm will get you answers concerning liability, determining damages while making sure you are fully compensated for your injuries. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started on sorting out your claim. Call us today.


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