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Are Chiropractor Visits Covered by Auto Insurance?

Back and neck injuries are the most common injuries caused by vehicle accidents. The sudden impact can damage the spine and musculoskeletal system, causing injuries and pain. Chiropractic treatment can be one of the best options for overcoming back, neck and spine injuries. If you have neck or back injuries caused by a car accident, you may wonder whether chiropractor visits are covered by auto insurance to give you the relief you need.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Chiropractor Visits

In most cases, auto insurance covers most recommended or “reasonably necessary” treatments for injuries resulting from a covered vehicle accident. For neck and back injuries, this can often include treatment performed by a chiropractor. For serious injuries, this may require multiple visits per week for months or even years after the accident. Depending on the auto insurance policy, chiropractor visit costs may be billed directly to the insurance company.

Like all injuries from an auto accident, the insurance coverage for medical treatment depends on who is at fault. If you are at fault, you need to have personal injury coverage on your policy to have medical treatments, including chiropractor visits. If another person is at fault, injury claims will need to be issued to their auto insurance company. Medical expenses are covered under liability insurance; however, the defendant and their insurance company can dispute whether chiropractic treatments were “reasonably necessary” if they decide to contest the claim.

Fighting Auto Insurance Companies for Medical Coverage

Auto insurance companies make money by paying as little as possible for claims. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to dispute charges or deny medical treatment coverage. A common tactic is for insurance companies to claim chiropractor visits were not necessary. This can occur after you have already had the treatments, which could leave you responsible for paying for weeks or months of chiropractic care. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can help ensure you have someone to fight for your rights to compensation for all your medical treatments, including chiropractic care.

At Maison Law, we are the voice for our clients that have been injured in auto accidents in Bakersfield, Fresno and Central Valley. We fight auto insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the compensation owed. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident and require ongoing medical or chiropractor care, we can help you fight for full compensation for your injury. Call our office in Visalia to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim.


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