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CA A 1755: 2018 Bicycle Operation

In 2018, California legislation submitted Assembly Bill No 1755. It makes all the rights and responsibilities of a vehicle on the road also apply to a bike on a path. Essentially, it makes an accident on bike paths and other Class I bikeways subject to the Vehicle Code.

This piece of legislation regarding bicycle operation began with a case in which a hit-and-run cyclist hit a jogger who ended up hospitalized. No charges of hit-and-run could have been brought against the perpetrator, had he or she been found, since it happened on a Class I bikeway.

Here Are Some Ideas to Keep You Safer

  • Comply with all traffic laws.
  • Use the bicycle lane if available.
  • Stay as close to the curb edge as possible.
  • Yield to pedestrians and make use of crosswalks.
  • Use lights when biking at night.
  • Don’t ride with earplugs in both ears.
  • Stay off freeways.
  • Keep up maintenance on brakes and safety systems.
  • Never operate a bike while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Wear a helmet-it could save your life.

Dangers of Bicycle Operation

When we were younger, we might have thought bike safety meant to not let anyone ride on the handlebars. Now, we know bicycle operation is more serious than that. There is no steel surrounding you. No air bags or seatbelts. No thick, rubber tires to help absorb a blow.

Impact is direct. Some personal injury claims from bicycle accidents include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, eye injuries, torn ligaments and soft tissue, internal organ damage and lacerations. A bicycle accident could result in not only a loss of wages, but it could impact your quality of life.

Don’t Fight Alone

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