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Maison Law: A Hands-On Approach to Every Case

Every personal injury case deserves coordinated attention from a team of professionals. From legal support to medical facilitation, our team will work to ensure that your health is restored and that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.


What You Need to Know about Wrongful Death in California

If a family member dies due to the negligence of another person or entity, their heirs are entitled to compensation. This can be a complex matter and requires specific filing procedures, so it is important to work with an experienced attorney who regularly handles wrongful death claims.


What is the Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force?

In order to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities, California is turning to engineering, education, and enforcement to increase road safety.


Are Chiropractor Visits Covered by Auto Insurance in California?

Back and neck injuries are very common after auto accidents, so many clients wonder whether chiropractic care is covered by auto insurance in California.


How to Prove Fault in a Personal Injury Case

In order to receive compensation, most personal injury cases require the plaintiff to prove that the defendant was at fault or negligent, thereby causing the victim’s injuries. There are several types of evidence used to establish the fault or negligence of the defendant.


Marijuana Impaired Fatal Crashes on the Rise in California

Since the legalization of marijuana in California, marijuana-impaired fatal crashes have been on the rise in California.


The Unsafe 3D Jobs of Migrant Workers

Migrant workers are often forced into taking jobs that are Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning (3D). Oftentimes their employers make them feel powerless – like they cannot have representation because of their economic or legal status.


Fatal Car Accidents when Speed is a Factor in California

Speed is a major contributing factor in fatal car accidents. The higher the speed of the vehicles involved, the harder the impact and the more devastating the potential injuries.


Motorcycles and Road Debris Accidents in California

Road debris is especially dangerous for motorcyclists. While some debris is natural and unavoidable, there are often cases where someone’s negligence is to blame. If your accident was caused by the carelessness of another, it is important that that party is held responsible.


10 Signs Your Child May Have Been Sexually Assaulted by a Teacher

How can you tell if your child may have been sexually assaulted by a teacher? Look for these warning signs.


The Importance of Police Reports in Personal Injury Cases

A police report is one of the most important documents to obtain after an auto accident.  It contains important records that detail the circumstances of your accident, including which party was at fault for the accident itself.