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What The Victims Of California Wide-Turn Truck Accidents Should Know

California drivers with any experience at all have seen more than one large truck trying to wiggle through a tight turn. These wide turns require an 18-wheeler or a tanker truck to block several lanes of traffic as they slowly struggle to clear medians and miss poles.

We’ve all had to stop to let a big rig complete a turn in front of us, but there are often cars that end up in the lane next to a turning truck that can quickly be squeezed off the road. Other collisions may be the result of a truck pushing through with a turn and giving approaching traffic too little time to stop to avoid a collision.

These seem to be everyday occurrences locally, but some of the accidents that result can lead to very serious injuries. Victims can end up in the emergency room wondering who will pay for their medical care in the days ahead.

Turning Truck Hazards in California

Big rigs of all kinds can cause dangerous situations when they must make a turn on narrow highways and streets. California drivers often face the added obstacles that large farm vehicles and tractors present when they get out on roads.

Long, heavy vehicles can swing wide to complete a right turn. But dangers arise when there’s a car in the lane to the right of them. That vehicle can either get hit, end up under the truck, or get edged off the road.

A left turn can put any vehicle in the way of oncoming traffic for an extended amount of time. 18-wheelers and semis need much more time and room to complete these turns. All the while, they are putting the occupants of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists at risk.

Turns in either direction are also prime situations for a rollover accident. These crashes can land an 80,000 lb truck on top of a smaller vehicle. The big rig could also tip over in front of approaching traffic and leave drivers without room to avoid a powerful impact.

Who can be held responsible for my collision with a big rig?

Truck collisions can end up setting off confusing insurance battles for victims. That’s because so many parties may bear some fault in the accident.

A truck driver may work for himself and carry commercial truck accident insurance. A trucking or agricultural company may back the driver and also have their own coverage. That’s on top of the possibility a truck’s manufacturer could share in the responsibility if a part malfunction caused your crash.

Any number of insurance companies could be called upon to provide support to you. Unfortunately, every insurance adjuster involved will be trying to escape the blame for your injuries. Having a personal injury lawyer safeguarding your rights as a victim can go a long way towards securing the compensation you require for a full recovery.

What kind of things can I earn compensation for after a truck accident?

It’s easy to see why accidents with heavy trucks lead to severe injuries much more often than regular impacts between smaller cars and SUVs. Broken bones, brain and spine damage, and injuries to other major organs are all possible in truck collisions or rollover accidents.

The recoveries can be intensive and extend well past a few hours in the emergency room. The effects can be experienced over a lifetime and compensation received from an insurance company should reflect these realities.

When you file a claim for damages, these are the potential hardships that should factor into any settlement offer:

  • Actual Damages: Reimbursement for every out-of-pocket expense that arises after a big rig collision. This includes medical expenses both now and in the years to come. A physical disability can require lifelong care, medical equipment, and healthcare monitoring. Those costs should be covered. The damage to personal property or your vehicle also factors in. Your lost wages at work while you heal can also be replaced.
  • General Damages: These are the non-monetary losses you and your family endure. Many of which you may not have considered. They include physical and mental suffering. Your loss of enjoyment of life when an injury prevents you from doing the things you love can earn more in compensation.
  • Punitive Damages: Also called Exemplary Damages. These aren’t applicable in every case but if a truck driver’s actions were egregious, intentional, or particularly damaging, more compensation could be added to a judgment. These damages are designed to punish the defendant for extremely harmful and reckless conduct.

Contact a California Truck Accident Lawyer

Big rig accidents often cause major injuries and victims should not trust trucking companies and insurance adjusters to automatically offer fair compensation. After a serious injury contact an experienced California Truck Accident Attorney such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian works to protect families from insurance companies and corporate lawyers to ensure they get the support they need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

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