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How Many Accidents Are Caused By Semi-Trucks?

In 2020, 4,895 fatalities resulted from truck accidents in the U.S. Those tragic accidents made up around 11% of all deadly accidents on U.S. roads. In 2019, there were just over a half a million truck accidents reported, injuring around 160,000 victims.

An out-of-control big rig on a California highway can cause a devastating collision and leave drivers and passengers with life-threatening injuries. It may seem like a risk you don’t need to be concerned with. But a look at the statistics on California big rig accidents proves that all drivers face these dangers and should proceed with caution.

A Free Consultation for California Semi-Truck Accident Victims

After you’ve been in a frightening accident involving a semi-truck, you will likely have important questions about who should be helping you with recovery costs. “What is my injury worth?” “Is the truck driver responsible or the trucking company?”

There’s a no-risk way to get your questions answered by a real California Truck Accident Lawyer. Maison Law offers a free consultation to victims and their families. You are under no obligation for this evaluation and it’s a chance for you to make sure you understand every benefit available to you after a big accident. Contact Maison Law today to schedule an appointment.

California Big Rig Driver Hazards

With one glance, it’s easy to see why accidents involving semi-trucks and tractor-trailers would cause more damage and personal injury than a normal vehicle accident. The size and shape of these vehicles mean they take longer to turn, take up more space, and can occupy more than one lane at a time.

These factors multiply the chance of a crash. In collisions, vehicles may also end up underneath elevated trucks to endanger occupants trapped inside.

Truck drivers are also a key factor in accidents because, like any other motorist, they can be prone to distracted driving, drowsy driving, and downright reckless moves. The difference is they might have 80,000lbs of payload they must bring safely under control when coming to a stop or correcting a swerve across a yellow line.

A cellphone text might take a big rig driver’s attention from the road. Some long-haul drivers attempt to watch movies and even read books while on the open road. These lapses in good judgment only make scary collisions more likely.

The Statistics Behind California Semi-Truck Accidents

An estimated 4,895 fatal accidents involving large trucks were recorded across the nation in 2020. That would be a drop in fatality numbers from the 5,005 reported deadly truck accidents in 2019. 118,000 large trucks were involved in crashes resulting in an injury. That’s according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Safety Council (NSC) data tracking.

The true human toll in truck-related accidents is apparent when comparing the percentage of big rigs in traffic compared to the accidents they cause. In 2019, large trucks represented 10% of the vehicles involved in fatal crashes. Yet, they represented 4% of all registered vehicles and only 7% of the total vehicle miles traveled on U.S roadways.

The California Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) tracks truck accidents across California each year by county. In 2021, they recorded 1,861 accidents involving large trucks in Los Angeles County alone. Those accidents tragically claimed 47 lives and left 2,481 people injured.

TIMS researchers also found that the stretch of Highway 99 through just Fresno County and Kern County was the scene of 90 truck accidents in 2021.

These accident cases serve as a scary reminder that all drivers in California are at risk of a big accident anytime they travel on local streets, boulevards, and freeways.

Compensation for the Victims of California Truck Accidents

Victims in California semi-truck accidents must secure as much in compensation as possible because of the severe nature of many collision injuries.

Victims don’t know how long recovery will take or how much care they’ll require after a settlement is reached. Settlement agreements must factor in any medical treatment and missed time at work a victim might endure in the years to come.

Maximum compensation for victims and their families is often reached by filing a suit against multiple at-fault parties in a truck accident case. A California big rig accident claim may be filed against a truck driver’s commercial truck accident insurance. The employer for the truck driver might also bear liability and be part of an accident claim.

A claim against one or more parties would seek financial support for these factors and more on behalf of all victims:

  • Current hospital and physical therapy bills now and the costs of care expected in the years to come.
  • The costs of care over a lifetime to fully support a victim who faces a permanent disability.
  • Compensation for non-economic damages. This includes the physical pain and emotional trauma you suffer in a big rig accident and in recovery.
  • Travel costs for transporting a victim who may have mobility issues to medical appointments and out-of-city trips to see specialists.
  • Reimbursement for every hour and dollar lost while missing work.
  • Wrongful Death Benefits. A family may sue a trucking company if a loved one has been lost in an accident. This civil claim would seek money to help with a funeral and burial. It would also secure money to protect the family in the years ahead when they’ll be without the financial support a loved one would have provided.

Contact a California Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member are seriously injured in an accident involving a large truck of any kind, consult with a California Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible. You deserve to be fully aware of every benefit available to you and your family.

Attorney Martin Gasparian offers a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian works hard to make sure clients know about every right they have and about the tactics insurance companies use to limit the support victims receive.

A free case evaluation is also available to families who have lost a loved one in a tragic accident caused by a truck driver. It’s critical that family members are informed of the support available to them after such a tragedy.

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