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Accidents With Runaway Semi-Trucks In California

Dangerous driving and giant, heavy semi-trucks are definitely a frightening combination when traveling California. Big rigs can swing in front of traffic, veer from their lanes, and also be traveling too fast to stop in time to avoid a crash.

A runaway truck is another hazard motorists hope they never see. California has some steep grades on some major interstates and highways. Big rigs traveling too fast or a truck with failing brakes can cause major accidents.

When motorists are hurt by a runaway big rig, they must know how to hold the truck drivers and their employers financially responsible.

A Free Consultation for Victims After a California Runaway Truck Accident

Runaway trucks are thankfully not a common occurrence on our freeways and boulevards, but when they occur, the results are often devastating. Cars and SUVs are often totaled and drivers and passengers may suffer severe and life-threatening injuries.

Truck accident victims must demand full compensation for their hospital bills and lost time at work after an accident. To have the best chance of getting full coverage, they must also target every party that may bear fault in their accidents.

To protect your interests in an injury claim, contact Maison Law of California for a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll speak with a real California Truck Accident Attorney to find out about every benefit available to you and your family after an accident.

California Runaway Big Rig Accident Dangers

You may have seen the runaway truck ramps running off some of California’s steepest roadways. They are filled with gravel and dirt to slow down a big rig or box truck that’s lost its brakes or that’s traveling too fast to make a full stop.

There are runaway truck ramps on Tejon Pass (also known as the “Grapevine”) connecting Los Angeles County with Kern County along Interstate 5. It’s an intimidating rise and fall for all motorists and has a 6% grade over a five-mile stretch.

Cajon Pass on I-15 in San Bernardino County is another spot lined with runaway truck ramps. Highway 101 is a major route for truckers and has several steep grades. It’s a route that has few runaway truck ramps (if any). San Francisco is a city built on steep hills and the threat of runaway trucks and vehicle accidents is always high.

Causes of Runaway Trucks Accidents

There are several reasons why a truck might fly out of control to cause a collision or to force the use of a runaway truck ramp. Trucks can lose their brakes while trying to slow down a heavy load on a steep grade. Brake failure could provide a runaway truck threat even on a perfectly flat road.

Truck drivers are also negligent in many runaway truck accidents. They might travel recklessly, building too much speed to allow for enough room to slow a truck down. Trucks carrying a full payload may need much further to be able to come to a full stop. On a sharp decline, the space needed might double.

Semi-truck drivers can also be distracted by a cellphone and not be watching the road ahead. A traffic light might turn red without the driver noticing. The truck driver might never hit the brakes while running through the cars stopped for traffic.

Drowsy truck drivers are another common problem that sends tractor-trailers into accidents. These collisions involve the full force of the semi-truck when the driver isn’t awake to apply the brakes and slow a runaway truck.

Who Can Be Held Accountable for My Injuries in a Runaway Big Rig Accident?

After a California Runaway Truck Accident, your recovery could be long, difficult, and expensive. You may suffer major injuries and be in immediate need of serious financial support.

When filing a claim for damages you would ask for compensation for all medical expenses and your lost income while missing work. The physical pain and emotional trauma you suffered would also factor into your big rig accident settlement check.

For families who have tragically lost a loved one in an accident, a California big rig accident lawyer can assist close relatives in earning financial support through a wrongful death claim.

But before a claim can be filed, it’s critical to identify every party that owes you and your family compensation. These are just a few of the parties that your personal injury lawyer will be investigating:

  • Truck Driver’s Insurance – The driver could be a one-person operation and carry his or her own commercial truck accident coverage.
  • Trucking Company’s Insurance — The big rig driver may work for a small, local company or a giant national corporation. These employers often cover their drivers with large liability insurance policies. These companies may also be liable if it’s shown they hired an unsafe driver or failed to properly maintain their semi-trucks. This would include liability for brake maintenance and brake replacement.
  • Truck Manufacturer – If the truck had a design flaw or certain parts malfunctioned, the truck’s maker will share in liability. Your California Truck Accident Lawyer would also check for safety recalls that might affect your injury case.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Serving California Victims

After a serious accident caused by a big rig driver, insurance companies for the driver and the trucking company won’t inform you of every benefit available.

Contact Maison Law to talk to a real California Truck Accident Lawyer and find out what your case is really worth. Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, will listen to you and go over every option you and your family have.

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