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Filing Injury Claims Against UPS After a Truck Accident in California

United Parcel Service (UPS) has three active entities in the State of California. Those are United Parcel Service Co., United Parcel Service General Services Co., and United Parcel Services, Inc. Fortunately, they all have the same California registered agent. If you were injured in an big rig or mail truck accident that took place in California involving a UPS driver, you’re best protecting your right to compensation for your injuries and damages by filing your claim or lawsuit against all three of the above entities. Fortunately, they share the same registered agent that follows: Corporation Service Company doing business in California as CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service, 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150 N., Sacramento, CA 95833-3505.

A Personal Injury Claim Isn’t a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Don’t be confused. A personal injury claim isn’t a personal injury lawsuit. Although the goal of each is to obtain compensation for injuries and damages suffered, a claim is a mere request for compensation that doesn’t have carry any consequences if it’s ignored. A personal injury lawsuit can be ignored too, but if the court has jurisdiction over the defendant, a default judgment can be entered, and the defendant can be compelled to compensate the big rig accident victim without a trial of any kind.

The California Statute of Limitations for Big Rig Collision Claims

Each state has its own statute of limitations in personal injury cases that operates as a deadline for when a lawsuit must be filed by. The general rule in California is that the personal injury statute of limitations expires two years after the date of the accident. If the lawsuit is brought beyond that date, it’s likely to be dismissed. That’s why you shouldn’t sit on a personal injury claim for too long. You don’t want to become a victim a victim for a second time with the statute of limitations being used against you.

Contact Maison Law Right Away After any Truck Accident

UPS has decades of dealing with thousands and thousands of truck accidents. When a serious accident involving one of its trucks or drivers occurs, it sends its investigators to the scene right away. Their report of their investigation isn’t going to provide information favorable to the victims. That’s because it’s the job of the investigators to save UPS as much money as possible on any resulting claim or lawsuit. You’re going to need your own team on your side of the case as soon as possible. That’s why you need the detail-oriented, aggressive and professional legal team at Maison Law on your side right away after any California truck accident. Martin Gasparian is the California truck accident lawyer at Maison Law, and you’ll want to speak with as soon as you can after your accident. You’ll learn about every step involved in the claim or lawsuit process, and with that information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which route you wish to take.

Contact a California Truck Accident Lawyer Today.

Keep the fact in mind that UPS is going to act quickly in attempting to protect its interests and limit its financial exposure as a result of your accident. You’re going to need somebody representing your own best interests. Don’t feel threatened or intimidated by its adjusters or investigators.  California law doesn’t require you to help them set up their defense of your claim or lawsuit against UPS. Whatever you might say to those people can be used against you to devalue your case. After becoming the victim of a UPS truck crash anywhere in California, speak with California truck accident lawyer Martin Gasparian at Maison law first. The initial consultation will not cost you a penny, and by doing that, you’ll be protecting your right to receiving the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages that you deserve.

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