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Filing Injury Claims Against Swift Transportation in California

Swift Transportation Co., Inc. is organized and existing under the laws of the State of Arizona. As it also does business in neighboring California. The company is registered here under the same name. According to the California Secretary of State, it’s registered agent for service of process is CT Corporation Systems which is located at 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005. If a big rig accident injury victim is going to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against Swift Transportation Co., Inc., the best practice is to serve the company’s registered agent with your claim or lawsuit along with anybody else. Depending on the circumstances, it might even be mandatory.

If you were seriously injured in an accident involving a Swift Transportation truck, contact us first for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Personal Injury Claim vs. Lawsuit

After a person has been injured in an accident involving a Swift Transportation truck, two options are available to compensate him or her for injuries that were suffered. A big rig accident claim might be made against the driver and Swift, or a formal lawsuit can be brought against them. Although the words “claim” and “lawsuit” might be used interchangeably, each is a legal term of art that carries potentially different legal consequences. For purposes of the law of personal injury, a claim is a mere request to be compensated for injuries and damages that a victim suffered in an accident. That request can be ignored. A California personal injury lawsuit invokes the personal jurisdiction of the court over the parties to the lawsuit once the defendant has been properly served with a summons and copy of the lawsuit. If the lawsuit was properly filed and the proper person appropriately served, ignoring the lawsuit can result in a default judgment being entered. That can be disastrous for any defendant.

The Statute of Limitations on a California Big Rig Collision Claim

California has a two-year statute of limitations. It operates as a legal deadline. Although a person might have a perfectly valid personal injury claim, if he or she fails to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident, it’s highly likely that any lawsuit filed after that time will be dismissed pursuant to the applicable statute of limitations.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation and Case Review

After accidents occur, trucking companies like Swift Transportation and their insurers are known to act quickly in attempting to stop personal injury claims against them. Martin Gasparian is a California truck accident lawyer and the founder of Maison Law. He focuses on severe and catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths caused by big rig crashes. You can arrange for a free personal consultation and case review with him, and he’ll be pleased to answer your questions, walk you through and explain each step of a personal injury claim or lawsuit. He’s going to know exactly who to serve with a claim notice or lawsuit and how to have that individual or entity served too.

Talk to Us First

Given the nature and extent of the injuries suffered by big rig crash victims, it’s highly likely that Swift Transportation and its insurer will begin setting up their defenses to your claim or lawsuit in short order after an accident. That’s why we caution you about saying anything at all to their investigators or adjusters before you speak with us. California doesn’t require you to assist the person or entity that caused your injuries and losses. A simple misstatement by you can end up costing you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. Contact our California truck accident lawyer here at Maison Law before you talk with anybody else. Whatever you say to us is privileged and confidential. We’ll preserve and protect your right to the maximum compensation for the injuries and damages that you’ve suffered.

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