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Filing Personal Injury Claims Against Prime Inc. After a Truck Accident

You’ll still see Prime Inc. trucks and trailer on California roadways, but pursuant to its instructions, its owner-operators can’t do business with their principal place of business in that state anymore. It’s all about California’s controversial House Bill 5 that went into effect on January 1, 2020, and whether the owner-operators are employees of Prime or independent contractors. That doesn’t mean that Prime trucks aren’t on the road in California on any given day, it’s just that the owner-operators who drive those trucks have established their principal place of business in other states. A search of the California Secretary of State’s records doesn’t even appear to show a registered agent for Prime Inc. in the state anymore.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a big rig accident that was caused by an owner-operator who was carrying cargo for Prime Inc, your target for a claim or lawsuit would be the owner-operator who was driving that truck and trailer. Appropriate information about that owner-operator and his insurer will appear on the police accident report. You’ll send a claim notice to that insurer. If a viable cause of action can be brought against Prime Inc., a claim notice can be forwarded to the company’s corporate offices at 2740 Mayfair Avenue, Springfield, MO 65803.

If you wish to forward a claim notice or summons and personal injury lawsuit to the company’ s registered agent, the corporation search function on the Secretary of State’s website is down, and it doesn’t appear if it will be up and running anytime soon. You can phone the Secretary of State at 573-751-4153 to obtain the name and address of Prime’s registered agent. You’re warned not to take even the first step toward a personal injury claim or lawsuit on your own. You’ll likely end up significantly devaluing the amount of any compensation for your big rig accident damages that you might receive.

California’s Statute of Limitations on Big Rig Accident Claims

Every state has set its own deadline for the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. In California, the general rule two years from the date of the accident. A claim is not a lawsuit.  If you file a claim and wait too long and file a personal injury lawsuit after two years, it’s highly likely that your lawsuit will be dismissed. You’ll then be barred from seeking any compensation for damages, even if the owner-operator was 100% at fault for the big rig crash. That’s why you don’t want to sit on your rights for too long.

Contact Maison Law for a Free Consultation with Our California Truck Accident Lawyer

As soon as an insurer of large trucks learns of a crash, it’s not unusual for that insurer to have its own team of investigators at the scene before the wreckage is even cleaned up. They’ll issue a report of their investigation, but it won’t say anything favorable on your behalf. That’s why you’re going to need your own legal team on your side as soon as possible. Martin Gasparian is a California truck accident lawyer, and he’s the lead attorney at Maison Law. He’s available for consultation with California truck crash victims and their families at no cost whatsoever. Don’t give an opposing insurance company any chance at all of controlling the evidence in a big rig accident case by speaking with any of its adjusters or investigators. Speak with Martin Gasparian at Maison Law first. You can tell him about what that truck crash has done to you and your family, and he’ll advise you on all of your legal options and give you his opinion of how you should proceed.

Get your team on your side right away after being injured or losing a loved one in any California truck crash by contacting California truck accident attorney Martin Gasparian at Maison law. Any opposing insurance companies know that they’re looking a significant financial exposure, so they’ll be trying to save as much money as possible on your claim or lawsuit. At Maison law, our objective is to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages that California law allows.

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