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Hit-And-Run Truck Accidents In California

Driving along a California highway and passing a long line of big trucks can make you feel like you’re trapped by a wall of metal. It can be a bit nerve-racking, but there are plenty of dangers when traveling so close to 18-wheelers, box trucks, and even farming vehicles.

A collision with a large, heavy vehicle can be devastating for drivers and passengers. The consequences become even more severe when a big rig driver causes an accident and then decides to leave the scene and avoid taking responsibility.

Injured victims can be left behind waiting on emergency care, and then later may have to wonder who will help them with the costs of what may be a long recovery.

Who Pays After a Hit-And-Run Big Rig Accident in California?

Getting hit by a truck and then watching the driver speed away will leave you feeling alone and probably very vulnerable. This is on top of the injury you may have suffered. That injury will likely require an ambulance ride and at least a night in the emergency room.

We all know how expensive medical care can be and your recovery may take considerably longer than just a night. You could face a few days or weeks in the hospital, surgery for your injuries, and a long schedule of physical therapy appointments. What’s more, you could be missing work as you try to heal. This could put you behind on normal monthly bills like car and mortgage payments.

With a hit-and-run big rig driver responsible, it may be a huge worry on your mind about how you’ll get your recovery paid for over an accident that wasn’t your fault. You can rest assured you do have options for support even if the suspect isn’t found:

  • The Hit-And-Run Driver Isn’t Found – A truck driver may have escaped without anyone getting a good look and description of him or her or the truck involved. If no suspect is identified and caught, you can still file a claim against your own car insurance policy. You would ask for assistance from your uninsured motorist coverage. This can provide the money you need to recover financially, but you will have to hold your personal insurance agent accountable just as if you were dealing with another driver’s insurance. Your own provider can attempt to limit the compensation you receive if you don’t have a personal injury lawyer watching over the company’s actions.
  • The Hit-And-Run Driver Is Located – This is good news because justice will be served and you can immediately move forward with a claim against the truck driver’s insurance company. You may also need to include the company the driver works for in any insurance claim. It’s possible the insurance coverage for both the driver and the business involved would provide support. The truck driver may be facing criminal trial proceedings at this time, but your civil case can proceed separately.

What to Do After a Hit-And-Run Truck Accident

You might be cruising along a freeway or just trying to navigate a confusing network of streets when a truck driver hits you and takes off.

You might not have a full description of the at-fault big rig driver or his truck, but there are things you can immediately do on the scene to better your chances at proving you’re an innocent victim:

  • Make a quick note. If you’re physically able, write down everything you remember about the truck and the driver. Try to recall any signage on the truck that identifies the company the driver works for.
  • Call 911. Get checked out by paramedics and go to the hospital if necessary. The responding officers will be making a report of what happened. Tell them everything you can remember. Local law enforcement may be your only chance at tracking down the truck driver involved.
  • Take Photos. If you’re injured and can’t move about, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to collect a few photos. Show the damage to cars and get plenty of images of the surrounding scene. Street signs, lane markings, and traffic lights can all tell the story of what happened.
  • Note if there are any security cameras near the scene. A parking lot camera or a doorbell security system at a home might have recorded the truck passing by.
  • Chat with witnesses. Get their contact information and find out what they saw. See if they got a clear description of the driver.
  • See your doctor. In the days after your accident, allow your physician to record every injury and pain you have. That medical chart will be a big part of your case.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Serving California

The final thing you should do is talk over your case with a California Truck Accident Attorney such as Martin Gasparian. In accident cases involving large trucks, several insurance companies and even corporate lawyers can be involved. You need your own personal injury lawyer to make sure your rights as a victim are respected.

For a free consultation and case evaluation contact Maison Law. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that clients should work directly with their lawyers and only get advice that’s in their best interest.

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