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Freeway Truck Accidents in California

Construction on California’s freeway system started around 70 years ago. It was meant to give drivers routes to get in and out of southern California quickly and safely. Of course, California drivers set their own course, and nowadays the I-5, the 110, and I-880 can turn into parking lots several times a day.

These freeways across Los Angeles, the Central Valley, and the Bay Area can slow to a crawl or speed along at dangerous velocities. It’s especially scary to see large, heavy trucks on these highways speeding along and switching lanes like they are sports cars.

An 18-Wheeler big rig, a tanker truck, or a box truck can make a dangerous move and put several other vehicles at risk of a dangerous collision. The size and shape of these trucks can multiply the already frightening consequences of impacts.

Finding Assistance for California Freeway Big Rig Accident Victims

Truck accidents on highways, interstates, and freeways rarely result in minor fender benders. The injuries suffered by people in much smaller vehicles can be severe. Broken bones, head injuries, and internal damage are all possibilities when something 20 times heavier than a car is involved in a collision.

Martin Gasparian founded Maison Law for people who are injured by the carelessness of another driver. Where truck accidents are concerned, you may suddenly find you’re in a standoff with insurance adjusters from several different companies. Mr. Gasparian doesn’t blink when facing off against these corporate bullies and has helped countless people earn the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

Contact our offices for a case evaluation that comes at no charge or obligation to you. We want to help you avoid the pitfalls victims can find themselves in when dealing with an auto insurance company.

Why Do Truck Accidents Lead to Complex Insurance Claims?

A crash on the freeway involving another car or SUV will generally only involve one insurance provider. However, since large trucks are often on the road for one or more companies or corporations, more insurance companies can often be held liable for your injuries.

This can be good news for you in many cases. You could be forced to file against the truck driver’s personal insurance company first. That provider could reject your claim, or perhaps have limits on how much you can receive. The bottom line is you may not secure enough to pay all of your hospital bills and make up for lost paychecks at work.

At that point, you would likely be able to call upon a local trucking company’s additional insurance. Your claim might also be extended to the corporation that had contracted out the local driver. The manufacturer of the big rig could also bear some liability if it’s found that a defect or malfunction caused the vehicle to go out of control and hit you.

A California Big Rig Accident Lawyer works to identify every party that bears fault in your accident. This is the only way to make sure you receive the support you need to make a full recovery.

There are additional options for finding support after a truck accident and a personal injury lawyer serving California can make sure you don’t miss out on compensation that’s available to you.

Insurance Tactics After a Truck Accident in California

The downside to having so many parties involved in your insurance claim is that you will have more insurance adjusters and possibly corporate lawyers poking around in your case. They’ll all be trying to find reasons to toss out your insurance claim against their policyholders.

Insurance companies employ many strategies to frustrate you and try to get you to give up on your attempt to get help while you recover from a serious injury.

Here are two of the insurance tactics you’ll have to watch out for if you don’t have a personal injury lawyer safeguarding your case:

  • Lowball Settlement Offers: Insurance adjusters often begin by not starting at all. They can ignore your claim for months while you are left to worry over the increasing totals of your medical bills. Once they do send you a big rig settlement offer, it may not cover even half of the bills you face now and will face in the future. Beware of the opposite too. Insurance companies might send you a settlement offer in just a few weeks after your accident. Be suspicious. If they know you don’t have a legal expert looking over their work, they can send you a lowball offer hoping you’ll quickly sign and give up your rights to ever ask them for money again. This could be well before you know the true extent of your injuries.
  • Blame Game: An insurance company will also wriggle out of their responsibilities to you by questioning everything involving your case. They can try to forward the narrative that you were to blame for the crash with their giant truck. They might point to past speeding tickets as proof that you are a dangerous driver. They could also investigate your medical history and claim your new injury is just an old injury you’ve decided to complain about now. Of course, these are pretty weak arguments but without a personal injury lawyer to deflect these claims you might get intimidated into accepting some blame or giving up your injury claim completely.

Contact a California Freeway Truck Accident Lawyer

Traveling along a California freeway, you’ve probably witnessed accidents and lots of close calls. Giant trucks make the collisions that do happen that much more frightening. No matter the traffic levels or time of day, these big rig accidents are caused by the mistakes of drivers, and those drivers and the companies they work for should be held accountable.

After an accident involving a serious injury due to the mistake of a truck driver, contact a California Truck Accident Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian. He offers a free and confidential case consultation for victims and their families. Even if you don’t end up needing the services of Maison Law, at least talk to a legal expert so that you aren’t in the dark about the benefits available to you.

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