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California FedEx Traffic Accident Lawyer

FedEx trucks aren’t hard to miss on California streets. Their big white vans are everywhere and they always have the purple “Fed” and an orange “Ex” on the side. Their deliveries keep businesses running and households stocked, but their drivers also create extra hazards on California freeways and roads.

FedEx employees are also at the wheel of large vehicles that may be fully loaded with packages. That extra weight means that any collision that targets your vehicle can be that much more devastating.

If you are seriously injured in a collision involving a FedEx van, you may be forced to consider filing a claim against an international shipping company. You’ll also have to consider how willing this company will be to accept responsibility for the mistakes of their employees.

Secure a Free Consultation After an Accident Involving a FedEx Driver

There are many benefits available to victims injured in accidents, but FedEx won’t be alerting you to all of your rights.

The best way to stay fully informed is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Maison Law of California. You’ll be made aware of the tactics insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers will use to rob you of financial support. You’ll also find out how much your injury is really worth.

You should also know that if you end up needing the services of Maison Law, you won’t need to have any up-front money. Your attorney doesn’t get paid unless your case ends in success.

FedEx Driver Dangers on California Streets

FedEx drivers are generally a careful group. However, we’ve probably all seen a white van racing past us, going far faster than a big vehicle can safely travel. Delivery drivers are under strict deadlines and that can tempt FedEx employees to step on the gas to make drop-offs on time and to be able to go home on time.

FedEx drivers follow a planned out, efficient route and many of their accidents occur after a driver has missed a turn or stop. They then begin the process of making a U-turn or backing up in such a large truck and end up blocking traffic or stopping in an exposed spot.

FedEx vans are also wide and it’s not uncommon to have a vehicle rear-end hanging out in your lane. A white van might also brush dangerously close to you on a freeway or boulevard.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that nationally FedEx trucks were involved in almost 400 accidents across 2021. The accident range runs anywhere from 14 to 28 incidents every month. This data does not show the injuries and tragic deaths involved in these accidents, but California emergency responders are called to many devastating crashes each year.

FedEx Insurance Coverage After a California Accident

After a FedEx driver makes a careless mistake and sends you or a loved one into an accident, you’ll be forced to figure out just how much FedEx supports its drivers. They actually back their employees with strong traffic accident insurance, but the hitch is that not every person behind the wheel for FedEx is considered a true employee.

FedEx extends a million dollars or more of liability insurance to cover their drivers and victims after accidents. Unfortunately, not every driver is a full-fledged FedEx worker. FedEx uses a lot of contract workers who actually work for local shipping companies. Many aren’t covered by FedEx insurance.

Hopefully, these drivers are covered by their own commercial insurance or have some liability insurance through the smaller companies they work for. Be aware that these insurance policies will likely be subject to much lower coverage limits.

This can mean that you’ll struggle to get every medical bill you have covered and you may be required to pay out of pocket for some care. That’s why it’s critical to have a personal injury lawyer investigating your accident and spotlighting every party who may share blame for your accident. The more insurance companies involved, the better chance you have of securing full compensation.

Holding FedEx Liable After an Accident

FedEx’s corporate lawyers are paid to push back on your injury claim to avoid liability for your accident. They may even try to unfairly blame you for what happened.

There are ways to force them to do the right thing and help the victims of their very successful business model.

Your personal injury lawyer will uncover every mistake FedEx made leading up to your collision and injury:

  • Spotlighting driver and FedEx safety records.
  • A look into FedEx hiring practices.
  • Finding fault with FedEx driver training programs.
  • Investigating the unreasonable amounts of pressure and stress placed on their drivers.
  • Investigating how many hours the at-fault driver was allowed to work.
  • Maintenance records of FedEx vehicles. Examining for tire and brake issues.
  • A full inspection for manufacturing flaws in the design of a FedEx van. Holding a truck manufacturer liable.

Showing that these and other problems factored into your accident can make it very difficult for FedEx to deny coverage.

Wrongful Death Claims After Losing a Loved One in a Delivery Truck Accident

In the most heartbreaking cases, a devastating truck or van accident can tragically claim a life. After the shock of what’s happened, families will be left to wonder how to earn justice and protect themselves from financial harm.

Fatal accidents not only end precious lives, but they also rob a family of the care and financial support a loved one would have provided in the coming years. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a company like FedEx will earn the financial security a spouse or the children of a victim will need to rebuild their lives.

A wrongful death civil claim also seeks support for the costs of a funeral and any medical care or ambulance fees collected before the victim passed on. A personal injury lawyer can represent the family in this claim and work to make sure close relatives have what they need to avoid a financial crisis.

Contact a California FedEx Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member are injured in an accident involving a delivery vehicle please consult with a California Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible. There are benefits available to you and your family that insurance companies and FedEx won’t be informing you of.

Attorney Martin Gasparian offers a free and confidential case evaluation to victims and their family members. This consultation comes with no obligation to you. It can be used simply as an information session to make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead when taking on insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers to earn fair support.

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