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Truck Accidents In Inclement Weather In California

California is known for its sunshine, but dark clouds can pass over and bring heavy rain down on a busy freeway and even leave ice and snow across our mountain passes. Driving through a downpour or a sudden snowstorm is intense enough, but having a giant tractor-trailer careening through the lane next to you can play on any motorist’s nerves.

An encounter with a large truck during a storm can also be extremely dangerous. When a big rig slides, it’ll be taking more than just one lane of a freeway or street with it. Several lanes could suddenly be walled off and you might be close enough to receive a powerful impact from an out-of-control truck. The consequences can be devastating for anyone in a smaller vehicle.

Support for Big Rig Accident Victims in Bad Weather

Taking a frightening impact from a truck in less than ideal weather conditions could leave you injured and confused about how to receive help with your medical bills. A trucking company or an insurance adjuster could tell you that no one is to blame since mother nature caused the accident. That’s simply not true.

By contacting Maison Law of California, you’ll get a free consultation on your case and find out what else insurance companies avoid telling you about your rights as a victim. Tell us what happened to you so that we can help you determine the fastest path to getting you the compensation you need to make a full recovery.

Who’s At Fault in a Truck Accident during Bad Weather?

Wet or icy roads can send cars and SUVs sliding, but often the true cause of these accidents is the driver’s decision to maintain speed as if conditions are perfect. This can be true for the drivers of large, heavy 18-wheelers and box trucks too. The difference is that when their big rigs go out of control, they can do so much more damage than a normal-sized vehicle.

Some victims may be convinced that when roads get slick and treacherous, there’s really no one to blame in an accident, but that’s not true. Truck drivers and all motorists are always required to travel at a speed that’s safe for conditions. If they hit the gas and travel too quickly on wet or slushy roads and go out of control, they can be held accountable for any damage they do.

That damage can include severe injuries to drivers and passengers in other cars. Vehicles can absorb a powerful impact from behind by a truck that isn’t able to stop. Vehicles can also end up under tractor-trailers when trucks go sideways on slippery roads. These are all cases where a truck driver should have adjusted speed and proceeded with more caution to prevent an accident.

Who Can I Ask for Support After a Big Rig Accident Injury?

Truck accidents can make for complex cases because they involve professional drivers. That means a company or corporation may be their employer. This can be good news for you because it means several insurance companies could have to contribute to the costs of your recovery.

It can also make things confusing because it’s not always clear just who can be included in an insurance claim. Your California Big Rig Accident Lawyer should have the experience necessary to easily identify every party that should be held responsible in your collision.

These are just a few of the potential people and companies that can share in liability:

  • Independent Commercial Driver — You may have been hit by a local big rig driver who works for him or herself. They will be covered by a commercial truck insurance policy that you will be able to target in a claim for damages.
  • Trucking Company – Whether a local company or a giant, nationwide corporation, these employers will have their own commercial auto insurance liability coverage. This may be where you start your claim attempt after an accident during bad weather. The one downside to filing against a company or corporation is that they can have their own team of lawyers at the ready. They can start to investigate the accident and your past to try to show that you were responsible for your collision. Your personal injury lawyer will make sure this type of personal attack is called out and thrown out.
  • Agricultural Company – California is home to a large percentage of the nation’s food producers. That means farming equipment and large cannery transports can end up on small, narrow roads to put you in a dangerous spot when the weather gets bad. These local companies or national corporations can be called upon when you are hurt by their drivers.
  • Truck Maker and Maintenance Plans – The vehicle manufacturer could be forced to support you during recovery if a malfunction or defect on the truck caused your accident. Your attorney would also check for recalls involving the truck. Maintenance records can also be examined to see how tires and other parts were maintained and if they were replaced regularly. Bald tires could have contributed to a driver losing control in bad weather.

Contact a California Truck Accident Lawyer

After a frightening accident with a heavy semi, box truck, or piece of machinery, please consult with a local truck accident attorney serving California victims. No matter the weather conditions, big rig drivers and their employers can be held accountable for your pain.

Attorney Martin Gasparian offers a free case evaluation to all victims. Mr. Gasparian believes that every client should be allowed to heal physically, emotionally, and financially without worry over hospital bills and lost paychecks. Insurance companies may claim they don’t owe you a penny, but don’t let them get away with that type of “bad faith” behavior.

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