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Runners Hit in Parking Lots in California

Maison Law represents runners who are struck by cars in parking lots and left with serious injuries. Our personal injury lawyers immediately go to work to hold careless drivers responsible for every recovery cost. We want runners back on their feet again as soon as possible. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a real California lawyer and find out what your injury is worth.

Parking Lot Hazards for Runners

With careless and distracted California drivers, those out for a run can take to the sidewalks and trails as a safe place to get some cardio in. But there may be times their routes take them through parking lots where you’d think they’d be safe.

Unfortunately, drivers parking and traveling through shopping centers can be reckless. They can end up striking a pedestrian or a runner and causing devastating injuries. Sadly, runners who are out trying to gain some health benefits can suffer harm and even lose the ability to take a run for several weeks.

If you suffer a serious injury like a broken ankle or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a pedestrian accident, you should speak to a California Pedestrian Accident Lawyer about your case. When medical bills will be high, car insurance adjusters like to look for ways to wiggle out of taking full responsibility for what happened. They can try to blame you for what happened or attempt to question the seriousness of your injuries.

Your lawyer fights back against these unfair tactics by presenting strong evidence in your favor. Your lawyer then files a claim and demands the most in injury compensation available for you and your family.

What to Do After a Parking Lot Accident Involving a Runner

Runners may end up with major injuries after taking a strike from a vehicle. They may not be able to get up or even raise an arm or leg. They should wait for help.  But if pedestrian victims are left able to move, they should consider capturing a few pieces of evidence that will be important later.

If the scene is secure, victims or someone with them should try to gather some proof of what happened:

  • Call 911. Give a full report to the responding officers. Tell paramedics about every pain you have. Go to the hospital if necessary.
  • Take photos of the scene. Show the you might have caused to the vehicle involved. Show any visible injuries. Show any businesses nearby.
  • Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Scan the area for the potential of any security cameras. Alert your pedestrian accident lawyer about the presence of these cameras.
  • Keep all evidence. Don’t wash any bloody clothing. Preserve your clothes and your shoes.
  • Get yourself checked out by your own doctor. Follow your doctor’s orders. Save all medical invoices.
  • Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer. If you end up needing legal representation to get fair compensation, you’ll want to give your lawyer access to the case as soon as possible The longer you wait the harder it becomes to track down surveillance video, witnesses, and other evidence.

Compensation Available to Runners After a Pedestrian Collision

After your pedestrian accident, your Maison Law attorney will be compiling every medical bill you’ve received and will receive. But they also work to show the other hardships you and your family have suffered.

All of it must be compensated. That includes the non-economic damages like the emotional pain of not being able to get back to the runs you enjoy. In some tragic cases, victims are never able to run again.

Your lawyer will be demanding support for these damages and others to make sure you have the resources you require for as long as necessary:

  • Current medical bills and those expected in the months to come.
  • Lifelong support for a permanent physical disability after getting struck while jogging.
  • Support for physical pain and emotional trauma. This includes the anxiety and depression a difficult recovery could cause you. The PTSD symptoms you suffer from a violent accident should also earn support.
  • Loss of wages and benefits while you are unable to work.
  • Travel costs to get to medical appointments.
  • Wrongful death benefits for families. Close relatives such as a spouse or children of the victim may ask for financial help after a deadly running accident. They should receive help in paying funeral costs and medical bills. A wrongful death claim also seeks to protect the family in the future by replacing the steady income the deceased can no longer contribute to the family.

Contact a California Running Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in a running accident due to a damaged sidewalk, don’t wait to explore your options. California allows victims up to two years to file an injury claim after a pedestrian collision, but acting quickly can give you a better chance at securing the support you need to rebuild your life.

Contact Maison Law for a free consultation after any injury involving a pedestrian accident anywhere in California. Our case reviews come with no obligation. But if you decide we can help you earn more for your running injury, you won’t need to have any money to hire us. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement money you are awarded.

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