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Runners Hit by Motorcycles in California

Though running is a popular activity in sunny California and there are many places to enjoy this activity safely, there are also dangers to runners every year. In 2012, a U.S. Department of Transportation study showed that approximately 12% of runner-related accidents happened due to a runner being struck by some type of vehicle. Though it is not possible to find out exactly what number of pedestrians involved in accidents are runners, it is important to note that these accidents happen frequently due to the negligence of others.

At Maison Law, our attorneys offer representation to those who have sustained serious injuries in pedestrian accidents. We believe that runners have many legal rights under California law and should always be kept safe from harm. If you believe that a motorcyclist acted in a negligent manner and it led to an accident, you have every right to hold them liable for your damages. Please contact us today for more information on your available legal options.

Why Do Motorcyclists Sometimes Hit Pedestrian Runners?

Both runners and motorcyclists are vulnerable parties on our roads. When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, there is typically nothing but a small amount of gear and a helmet to keep them from harm. However, a pedestrian has virtually no protection in the event of an accident, making their injuries catastrophic in some cases.

Some studies have said that up to 25% of motorcycle accidents involve a pedestrian of some type. These accidents happen due to a wide array of reasons, which include the following:

  • A motorcyclist doesn’t see a pedestrian until it is too late
  • A motorcyclist is driving while distracted
  • The motorcyclist is traveling too fast
  • The motorcyclist ran a red light or stop sign
  • A left-turn collision occurred

These accidents can happen anywhere, from sidewalks to intersections and highways. In the blink of an eye, a runner’s life could be upended due to a severe motorcycle accident that they never expected to occur.

Who is at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident Involving a Runner?

It is not always easy to determine fault in an accident, especially one involving a motorcyclist and a runner. In a lot of these accidents, both the pedestrian and the motorcyclist will sustain injuries, leaving them in a vulnerable position. Insurance adjusters might start to point the finger at either party, making these claims incredibly complex.

In many situations, a motorcyclist will claim that they did not see a pedestrian until it was too late. Motorcyclists still owe a duty of care to watch out for runners and other vulnerable parties on our roads. In some cases, a runner could share partial responsibility for an accident involving a motorcycle. This means that, when it is time to determine liability, a runner’s damages could be reduced by their percentage of fault. A lawyer will take a closer look at your claim and see who was violating laws at the time of the accident to consider liability or shared liability.

Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents Involving Runners

Because of the speed in which motorcyclists travel compared to a runner, there is a chance that a pedestrian will be traumatically injured in an accident or could even lose their life. Some of the common injuries that are associated with these collisions include:

  • Brain injuries, such as concussion or subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Pelvic or tibia fractures, as well as other types of broken bones
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage
  • Paralysis or other spinal cord injuries

Depending on how traumatic your injuries are, your damages could be increased greatly. If you have sustained injuries that will follow you through the remainder of your life or keep you out of work for some time, there is a higher likelihood of retaining a large settlement.

Steps to Take After a Runner is Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

If you were running and you were struck by a motorcyclist, you may wonder where you can turn. However, before it comes to bringing a legal claim, there are some steps that you should take to protect your health and the future of your case. These steps include:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. It shows that you are taking your health seriously.
  • Make sure that you document all of your injuries and medical expenses.
  • Keep records of a driver’s contact information and any witness contact information.
  • Get copies of the police report after police were on scene.
  • Keep photos and videos of everything vital.

Contact a Knowledgeable California Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Immediately

If you are a runner who has suffered from injuries in an accident involving a motorcycle in California, it is normal to feel lost and alone. At Maison Law, we understand how difficult it can be to face one of these accidents and will stand by your side as you navigate the legal system. You do not want to be taken advantage of by the insurance company or be left with questions that you cannot answer on your own. Please contact a California pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible for the help you deserve at this time.

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