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Should I Give a Recorded Statement After a Motorcycle Accident?

At Maison Law, we understand how overwhelming it can be to face the insurance company after a motorcycle accident. It is not uncommon to face injuries in a motorcycle accident in California, including some that are severe in nature. Speaking with a California motorcycle accident lawyer can put your claim into perspective and help you work toward the financial support you need to get back on your feet after an accident. Contact us today for more information on how you can get started on your case in California.

Do You Have to Give a Recorded Statement After a Motorcycle Accident?

You’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and now the other driver’s insurance company is calling you constantly. They have recently asked for a recorded statement to potentially ‘get your side of the story’ regarding the collision.

However, you are not contractually obligated to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurer. It is important to remember that their insurer is looking to save money and is not looking out for your best interests. Speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer is essential when the insurance company comes knocking, especially if you want to protect your rights and obtain financial damages for your injuries in the future.

Why You Should Not Agree to the Recorded Statement

In a recorded statement from the other driver’s insurance company, the insurance adjuster will ask you a variety of questions related to your accident that they want you to answer. This may seem like a reasonable request and you may even assume that it can move your claim along more quickly. However, there are some reasons why it could be a bad idea, which include the following:


Inconsistent Statements: Even when you are attempting to tell the truth about your motorcycle accident, you might not remember certain details or tell the adjuster something completely different than you told your doctor. The insurance adjuster will compare statements and attempt to hold it against you if they believe you were not being truthful about the collision or the extent of your injuries.


Severity of Injuries: If you tell the adjuster that your injuries are not as severe or bothersome but then they become more severe later on down the road, the adjuster might use this information against you. You do not know how serious your injuries are immediately after a crash. The adjuster could use your statement in negotiations or court and argue that your injuries are not as severe as you said even though they truly are.


Used Against You in Court: If your claim makes it all the way to court, a recorded statement could be transcribed and used against you in jury trial or settlement negotiations. This means you might not receive the damages you need or your claim could be denied altogether based on what you’ve said to the adjuster.


How to Handle a Recorded Statement Request Following a Motorcycle Accident

Handling communications with the insurance company after a motorcycle accident can be a stressful ordeal. With the help of a California motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your rights are being protected and that somebody is fighting for you along the way.

If you haven’t yet spoken to a lawyer after your accident and the insurance company calls right away, they could be attempting to get the upper hand and throw you off by reaching out to you before the adrenaline of your accident wears off. You can tell the insurance adjuster that you are not going to give a recorded statement and that you will inform your lawyer so that they can be in contact with the adjuster. This could save your personal injury claim in the long run.


Contact a California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Immediately

If you were hurt in a California motorcycle accident, it is important that you get started on your claim as soon as possible. Delaying could mean that you will not receive the financial support that is necessary in your claim. At Maison Law, our knowledgeable California motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you file your claim and go up against the insurance company.

We want to help you receive the maximum recovery possible in your claim. Contact us to get started on your free and confidential case consultation. It costs nothing to you unless we win your claim and then the fees come out of your recovery.


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