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Financial Questions After an Accident in California

After a traffic collision on a California boulevard or a fall on a spill left on a grocery store aisle, you may be dealing with a painful injury. Once you receive emergency care, your next question may be financial. Who will be paying for my hospital bills and covering my lost time at work?

It’s an understandable concern and the answer can be “you” if you don’t take action to force an at-fault party to accept full blame for your injury. Maison Law of California offers a free consultation to all personal injury victims. Our California personal injury lawyers can go over your most urgent questions, including how doctor bills get paid and how you can support your family while losing paychecks while you’re down with an injury.

How Can I Survive a Financial Crunch After a California Accident?

Victims injured in a fall down a set of crumbling stairs at their apartment complex or in an accident at work should be focused on recovery. It’s not healthy for them to have to focus on the almost immediate financial crisis accidents can create.

It’s hard not to get stressed about the kinds of bills that can arrive after experiencing something like a dog bite or a collision along a California freeway. These and other financial losses can add up quickly for victims.

  • Medical Bills – These usually aren’t a one-time expense, such as one expensive trip to the emergency room. Victims dealing with serious injuries can need physical therapy in the months to come. They might need additional surgery if a broken bone doesn’t heal right. Every potential medical expense in the future must factor into a personal injury settlement check. Doctors will sometimes agree to wait on payment until your personal injury claim is resolved. Health insurance companies may pay for your care and then ask you to pay co-pays and deductibles you can’t afford. Your lawyer can work out agreements with doctors and health insurance providers on your behalf.
  • Permanent Disability Lifetime Support – If you develop a disability after a personal injury accident, you could need help with medical equipment and home care to provide as much freedom as possible. It’s common for victims to need help supporting their families. You should receive help in finding a new career if you can’t return to your old job. Any medical care and physical therapy needed in the years to come must be covered.
  • Travel Costs – The cost of transportation, especially if you are unable to drive and are in a wheelchair or cast can be enormous. You’ll have doctor appointments and physical therapy to attend and those could be in a different city or state.
  • Missed Work Hours – At a time when you may be receiving enormous bills, you must also worry about the paychecks you are losing while having to miss work shifts. You could also be losing out on valuable benefits from your career. These losses must be compensated.
  • Normal Monthly Bills – Not only will you struggle to pay medical bills, but you’ll also likely fall behind on your normal monthly bills. Bill collectors can start inquiring about your rent and your mortgage payments. Credit card companies start charging late fees. The debt can send you dangerously close to bankruptcy.
  • Property Damage – The damage inflicted on your car should be fixed with dependable parts and proper installation. You should get money to buy a new car, SUV, or motorcycle if your vehicle is left unusable. Any personal items damaged in a trip-and-fall accident or a traffic accident should be replaced.

These and other financial worries can make recovering from a major injury all the more difficult. It’s often a smart idea to allow a California personal injury lawyer to handle your case. It’s the best way to gain peace of mind that you won’t get stuck with the financial consequences of someone else’s mistake.

Your lawyer submits your injury claim for you and makes sure every hardship you’ve faced is clearly listed and supported by strong evidence. Your lawyer also demands every benefit available to allow you to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

Insurance Tactics that Threaten Your Financial Wellbeing After a California Accident

Insurance companies for at-fault parties hope to avoid paying for every hardship you must deal with after a bad accident. But those expenses and physical and emotional damages should be completely covered by the person or business that caused your injury.

Insurance companies use unfair tactics to avoid having to pay what’s fair. Adjusters might delay responding to an accident claim because they know victims will see more and more bills arrive and will get more and more desperate. Once victims are in financial trouble, the insurance company often extends a “lowball” offer that doesn’t cover every cost they face. Injured patients facing a stack of bills might be tempted to accept a lower offer.

Insurance providers might also try to shift blame to you in an accident and away from their policyholders. They may ignore what an accident report says and proceed as if you caused an injury and it’s you should be paying hospital bills. Insurance adjusters may also try to downplay how serious your injuries are or question if you already had the injury before the accident.

Your lawyer is your safeguard from these unfair tactics. Your California personal injury lawyer investigates your accident and the person or business who caused it. Your attorney secures all available evidence including witness testimony and the opinions of medical professionals. This proof is used to hold the insurer fully accountable and to help negotiate for more money in a settlement check.

Financial Damages After a California Accident

After an accident, victims and their families may struggle to keep up with the many recovery bills that arrive. Victims will find that an accident they weren’t to blame for can tear through their savings and exceed their weekly paychecks.

There are many potential costs after a personal injury accident that victims may not even consider until they have an invoice in front of them. To help with the many different financial concerns that arise after an accident, Maison Law has several informational pages available to victims.

You can click on the links below to find out more about protecting your family finances after an accident:

Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer

A California personal injury accident can leave injured victims with long recoveries and, in some cases, with a massive financial burden. It’s unacceptable to stick an injured victim with bills from an accident they didn’t cause.

If you are worried that you are being left with the costs of an accident you weren’t to blame for, please contact a California personal injury lawyer. Maison Law offers a free case consultation. We’ll go over what happened to you and then determine if you need the protection of a skilled lawyer to get fair treatment and fair compensation for your injury claim

If you decide we can help you maximize your settlement after an accident, you won’t need any money to hire us. We don’t get paid unless we win your personal injury case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you are awarded.

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