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California eVTOL Air Taxi Accident Lawyer

With the rise of drone use, California residents are used to seeing more and more aircraft buzzing across the sky. Normal drones can record video and carry small payloads, but a new, super-sized sort of drone is actually able to transport human passengers.

This drone-helicopter-airplane hybrid is known as an eVOTL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle). Among other uses, it’s hoped the eVOTL will become the taxi of the future. They can lift passengers up and over California’s rush hour traffic. Riders reach their destination in minutes, not hours.

But as with any new technology, there will be bumps along the way. Whether it’s a computer or a person at the controls, eVOTL passengers are always at risk of serious accidents. When people are injured in an eVOTL crash, victims will want to know who is to blame and how to seek recovery help.

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If you or a loved one were the victims in an eVOTL crash, don’t allow an insurance company or corporate lawyers to decide the level of support you should receive. The manufacturers of air taxis will want to avoid taking the blame for traumatic injuries and even for the tragic loss of life.

Maison Law of California offers a free and confidential case consultation to all victims of eVOTL accidents. Our skilled California personal injury lawyers will take you through your options to determine the best path to earning the compensation you and your family will need to rebuild your lives. There’s no obligation, but Maison Law stands ready to hold an eVOTL company fully responsible for our client’s pain.

What Is an eVOTL Craft?

A VOTL is an aircraft that takes off and lands vertically. A helicopter is a VOTL, but the added “e” means that an eVOTL is powered by electricity. In fact, Inverse simply describes eVOTL craft as electric helicopters.

They travel at around 200 miles per hour. They utilize several electric motors with propellers to transport passengers up to 250 miles or more on a battery charge.

Some eVOTL models are flown by computers. Some are flown by pilots who transport one or more passengers or cargo. In some solo models, passengers fly themselves.

An eVTOL can take off from airports and helipads, but they are more versatile. They can take off from small vertiports built on top of buildings and parking garages.

While selling eVOTL to individuals doesn’t seem practical at the moment, several companies are launching air-taxi services. Companies like Lilium and Blade will offer rides in cities across the nation. Joby Aircraft told Inverse that its aircraft can complete a trip from LAX to Newport Beach in Orange County in just 15 minutes. The trip on the ground would usually take 45 minutes.

What Are the Dangers of California eVOTL Accidents?

Bypassing freeway and highway traffic in places like Los Angeles, San Jose, and Fresno sounds amazing. But just like any road trip, eVOTL passengers will be at risk while in the air, no matter how safe the aircraft proves to be.

A malfunction in the air, or during take-off or landing, could cause a major crash. A careless pilot may steer a plane into danger. Mid-air collisions aren’t out of the question as more and more electric craft take to the skies.

An accident could leave victims suffering from broken bones, head trauma, and internal organ damage. In the worst cases, victims could endure life-threatening injuries. There’s also the possible delay in emergency response when an eVOTL crash occurs in a hard-to-reach location. Wounded victims may have to wait even longer for life-saving care.

It’s critical that victims are allowed time to focus on healing. They shouldn’t have to stress over how medical bills or their monthly bills will get paid. A California eVTOL Accident Lawyer handles frustrating negotiations with insurers and eVOTL companies to make sure victims receive the support they need to get back on their feet.

Who Can I Sue After a California eVTOL Accident?

A devastating eVTOL accident may leave several parties liable for the injuries that result. You may receive substantial compensation from several different entities that all must provide you with support as you recover.

These are just a few of the parties you could be filing a claim with:

  • Accident Insurance – eVTOL manufacturers will have commercial insurance policies to cover their liability in accidents. Victims will be allowed to file injury claims to get the money they need, but insurance companies will work to downplay how badly they are hurt. It’s critical to have a California eVTOL accident attorney making sure you are treated fairly.
  • eVTOL Manufacturers – In some cases, insurance coverage will have limits on what it will pay. Victims will be forced to sue the eVTOL Manufacturer if they have remaining bills that need to be covered. A lawsuit could include the company that builds the aircraft and the designer who developed the eVTOL technology. The companies that supply parts, such as a faulty battery, to an eVTOL company could also share in the blame.
  • Pilot for the eVTOL – A pilot may make a careless error that causes a major accident. A pilot may get in the cockpit while under the influence of a drug or alcoholic drink. This could make a claim against the pilot possible. The company that offers eVTOL flights might also be liable if it’s shown they hired an unsafe pilot with a less-than-safe record.

Determining all of the parties that may be liable after an eVTOL crash doesn’t have to be an impossible task. You can speak with a California eVTOL Accident Lawyer about your options. Your lawyer will help you secure the money you need to pay for every recovery cost, no matter how many parties need to be involved.

What Can I Receive Compensation for in an eVTOL Accident Settlement?

An eVTOL accident settlement should never leave you paying for some medical costs out of your own pocket. That’s why is critical to include every hardship you’ve faced when you file an injury claim with an air taxi insurance company.

Your eVTOL accident attorney will make sure a complete list of your damages is included with your filed claim.

Your claim will also include a few things you may not have realized could increase the eVTOL accident settlement money you take home:

  • Hospital Bills. The bills that have already arrived and medical costs expected in the future.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy bills.
  • Lifetime expenses involved with a permanent disability or disfigurement.
  • Pain and suffering. This legal term covers the physical pain you endure and the emotional trauma you experience. An eVTOL crash could cause PTSD symptoms in survivors. Depression and anxiety are also common during a challenging medical recovery.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. The difficulty of having to miss out on family events and hobbies while down with a traumatic injury.
  • Lost income at work. Including the hours you are expected to miss in the future.
  • Travel costs while going to appointments with doctors and surgeons. This is an enormous cost when patients are in a wheelchair and unable to drive.

How Long Do I Have to File an eVTOL Accident Injury claim in California?

Two years. Victims of eVTOL accidents will have 24 months from the date of the accident to file an injury claim. Missing this deadline will usually mean that you’ll forfeit any chance of receiving help with recovery costs.

Injured victims should act as soon as possible. Alerting an eVTOL attorney about what happened quickly allows your attorney to gather evidence that may quickly disappear if you wait. Witnesses may also become harder to track down. Give your attorney as much time as possible to prepare a strong case for you.

Can My Family Receive Benefits If a Loved One Was Killed in an eVOTL Accident?

Yes. California families are empowered to file a wrongful death claim over a fatal eVOTL accident. This claim would seek money to help with funeral costs and remaining medical bills.

An eVTOL accident lawyer would also demand support to protect the family’s future. This support is important when a family is left to cope with life without the guidance and economic support a loved one can no longer provide.

Contact a California eVOTL Accident Lawyer

After you or a loved one has been injured in an air-taxi accident, please speak with a California eVOTL accident lawyer. You should know your rights before talking to insurance adjusters or corporate lawyers. Insurance representatives aren’t required to inform you of every benefit you and your family are eligible for.

Discussing what happened to you in a free case consultation with a real California attorney is a no-risk way to find out about your legal options. Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, is happy to go over what you’ll face as you seek compensation for what you’ve endured after an eVOTL crash. Schedule your consultation today.

If you decide we can help you earn more in support from an eVOTL company, you won’t need any upfront money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

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