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Drowning Accidents at Silverwood Lake in California

At Maison Law, our attorneys offer representation to victims of drowning accidents at many bodies of water throughout California. We believe that responsible parties should be held accountable for the harm that you or your family have suffered due to a drowning. We can assist you throughout the legal process so that you never have to stand alone. Do not hesitate to contact us – please set up a consultation as soon as possible to get started.

Do You Need a Lawyer Following a Drowning Accident?

At Silverwood Lake nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, many people enjoy camping, picnicking, and various water sports together. The unfortunate truth is that a fun day on the lake can turn into a nightmare when a drowning event takes place. While some drowning accident claims can be handled without the help of an attorney, most of these accidents involve life-altering injuries and even fatalities in some cases. This is why it may be in your best interests to have an attorney on your side who can help you move forward with a case.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you:

  • Explain your legal options to you
  • Help you obtain all the facts of your case
  • Make the legal process easier for you

If you make the decision to move forward with a claim, our attorneys at Maison Law are here for you.

Determining Liability in Drowning Accidents

Silverwood Lake is operated by the California Department of Water Resources. However, there are many different parties who are present on the grounds of the lake, which means that there are multiple parties who could be responsible for an accident.

In a drowning accident that happens at a lake, typically the following parties are liable:

  • The state government
  • Any owners of the property
  • Product manufacturers of life jackets and boat parts
  • Security or maintenance who were supposed to maintain security at the lake

One or more parties can be named in a lawsuit depending on the circumstances of your accident. An attorney will know how to handle your claim and name liable parties so that no financial opportunities are missed.

Steps to Take After a Drowning Accident

When you or your family have been confronted by a drowning accident, the adrenaline may be high as you consider your next steps. Here are some steps that you can take to protect your health and the potential payout you could receive in your settlement:

  • Call emergency services so that all injured parties can receive immediate treatment.
  • Report the accident to lake authorities or local police depending on the severity of the incident.
  • Collect all details relating to your accident.
  • Make sure that you follow all doctor’s orders.
  • Document the scene with photographs and videos.
  • Speak with any witnesses to the accident.

Available Damages in a Drowning Accident Claim

When you move forward with an insurance, personal injury, or wrongful death claim after a drowning incident, you may find that you are eligible for various types of damages. These include some of the following:

  • Medical expenses you have incurred
  • Future medical expenses related to your injuries
  • Loss of income and future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Wrongful death expenses if a life has been lost

It is important that you comply with California’s strict statute of limitations of two years so that you do not miss out on any financial opportunities following an accident. An attorney can help you meet deadlines that are expected of you.

Contact a California Drowning Accident Lawyer

At Maison Law, we firmly believe that Silverwood Lake and other related entities should be held accountable for the harm that they have caused you or another party in a drowning accident. Our knowledgeable California drowning accident lawyers are here to assist you as you navigate the complex legal system and work toward financial support. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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