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Children Injured in Motorcycle Accidents in California

When you think about a California motorcycle accident, you typically think about adults sustaining injuries. However, children also enjoy a day out with a parent on the back of a motorcycle, seeing the beautiful sights that many California cities have to offer. Though this can be a great way for a child to see the world around them, it also comes with risks and dangers due to others who share our roads.

At Maison Law, we understand how tragic and overwhelming it can be for a child to sustain injuries in a California motorcycle collision. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys believe that children and their parents have many options for recovery after one of these life-altering accidents. Please do not hesitate to contact a California motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to get started on your claim today.

Can Children Ride as Passengers on Motorcycles in California?

It is true that California does not state the minimum age requirements for children on motorcycles. However, there are some eligibility requirements that a child must meet for them to legally ride on a motorcycle within the state. These include some of the following:

  • There must be footrests that are acceptable under California law for both riders and passengers.
  • The child must be able to reach the passenger footrests.
  • A child must always wear a safety helmet that is fitted to their head.
  • A child restraint system must exist on the motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle gear must be worn at all times.

Though riding on a motorcycle can be dangerous to a child and an adult if an accident occurs, these criteria are some of the most important considerations to be made when it comes to the legality of underage passengers.

Injuries Present in Children from Motorcycle Accidents

There are many risks to children in the event of a motorcycle accident. In fact, motorcycle accidents affecting children tend to lead to more severe injuries and even take lives within seconds. Some of the most catastrophic injuries that are reported in child riders every year include:

Fractures: Many children sustain serious fractures in the event of a motorcycle. These injuries can be incredibly painful and long-lasting as a child recovers. Due to the severity of bone breaks, some children may even sustain nerve damage or require surgery.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries tend to lead to life-altering trauma, some of which include paralysis and loss of mobility. Many children will endure lifelong disability due to a spinal cord injury, which can affect their life adversely for years to come.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Without a helmet, a traumatic brain injury can easily lead to a fatality. However, even with a helmet, serious trauma and concussions can occur depending on the force of an accident.

Road Rash: A child could fall off of a motorcycle in the event of an accident, skidding on the road’s surface and sustaining road rash injuries. These injuries are highly painful and can lead to disfigurement in the worst cases.

Internal Organ Damage: When a child falls onto their abdomen or is crushed in an accident, internal bleeding and organ damage can occur.

Options for Recovery After a Child is Injured in a California Motorcycle Crash

Where do you turn after you have been involved in a motorcycle crash caused by a negligent driver and now your child has been injured? You, as the child’s parent or guardian, has the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your child for their financial recovery. It is essential to understand the deadlines that you have to meet in your claim. From the time of the child’s injuries being discovered, the statute of limitations is two years to bring a claim before you are barred from doing so.

If you are successful in your child’s personal injury claim, you may be eligible to recover some of the following damages:

  • Medical expenses that your child has incurred
  • Lost income or earnings that your child can expect to lose over the years
  • Pain and suffering due to emotional trauma
  • In-home care expenses or therapy
  • Wrongful death damages if a child’s life has been taken

Your child has the right to recovery after a motorcycle accident. You should always seek legal help as soon as possible after a motorcycle collision.

Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents with Children

  • Always take your time, as a child’s life is most important when riding a motorcycle.
  • You should allow plenty of time to brake so that jolts can be avoided, sending a child onto the ground below.
  • Stay within the speed limit.
  • Never drink and drive, whether there are children on the motorcycle or not.

You want to do whatever it takes to provide your child with the safest experience possible. It is true that we cannot control the actions of other drivers on our roads but we can take as many steps possible to protect valuable passengers.

Contact a California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If a child in your life has been injured in a California motorcycle accident, you may have a wide array of questions concerning your future case. Luckily, with the help of an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer, you can protect your child’s rights during this difficult time in their life.

At Maison Law, we have handled various motorcycle accidents caused by negligent drivers over the years. We believe in the protection of motorcyclists at all costs and will provide you with necessary resources at this time. Our attorneys are here for you every step of the way so that you can help your child focus on their healing. Please contact us today for a no-obligation case review.

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