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Children Injured in Bicycle Accidents

Kids all over California love riding their bikes. For younger children, it’s about the joy of the ride. For older children, it’s integral for getting around. If they don’t have a driver’s license and access to a vehicle, it’s the only means of transportation that many of them have other than their feet.
Unfortunately, the chance of a child experiencing a serious accident through the fault of somebody else rises the more they ride. When children are injured in bicycle accidents, families suffer financially and emotionally.
After receiving injury through the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, California law allows parents the right to bring a claim or lawsuit on behalf of their injured child. In the event that a child died from injuries under such circumstances, parents can bring a wrongful death action. At Maison Law, our California child bicycle accident lawyer uses his experience and comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law to represent injured children and their families.

Common Causes of California Bicycle Accidents

California’s bicycle accident law is clear. If you’re under 18-years-old, and you’re riding a bicycle, you’re required to wear a helmet. What comes to issue is that a helmet is often the only protection that a bike rider has in the event of an accident. Sure, a kid can experience an accident on his or her own. But the most severe injuries in child bicycle accidents occur by motor vehicle. California child bike accident lawyer, Martin Gasparian of Maison Law shares some common causes of such injuries:

Distracted Driving

Cell phones, infotainment centers, and other passengers can distract a driver. A distracted driver might not notice a child on a bicycle. Even if they see a child on a bike, they may fail to take due care or caution and cause a crash.


Driving faster than the speed limit reduces the driver’s response time in an emergency. The same goes for driving in bad conditions. Bad weather and speeding increase the chance of an accident with a child bicyclist. Speed limits exist for the safety of the general public. Children are a vital part of the general public.

Sidewalks, Parking Lot Entrances, and Driveways

These locations always run a higher risk of a bicycle accident than others. Shoppers can run over children on bikes in a parking lot. Children should learn to never assume that a motorist is going to see them and yield or stop.

Inexperienced Driver

A child on a bicycle and an inexperienced driver is a dangerous combination. Inexperienced drivers and children are less likely to recognize dangerous situations. Often these situations end in tragedy.

Intoxicated Drivers

A person who is drunk, high, or both should never get behind the wheel. Nobody knows what they might be thinking. Children can’t trust a motorist unless that driver clearly signals a child that they can proceed. But even then, the child must be on the lookout for other traffic.

Common Child Bike Accident Injuries

A 70-pound child is no match for even a 2,500-pound sub-compact car. Injuries suffered can be severe or even fatal. Any of the following injuries can occur, and they can require many surgeries:
  • Traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries.
  • Multiple fractures.
  • Internal organ damage.
  • Facial and dental damage.
  • Joint damage.
  • Permanent scarring.

Preventing Children Injured in Bicycle Accidents

If you’re a parent, make sure that your child has a helmet that fits properly, and always stress the importance of wearing it before your child gets on a bike. Also, never let a child ride a bike at night. When the street lights come on, the bikes need to come in.
If your child experiences injury or fatality in a bike accident, don’t speak with the opposing insurance company. They will endeavor to set traps for you to try and save money.
Speak with the California child bicycle accident lawyer at Maison Law. We offer free consultations and case evaluations on child bicycle accidents anywhere in California. Your child’s present and future best interests are our primary consideration.
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