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Children Hurt in Bounce Houses

At Maison Law, our attorneys offer representation to children and families who have fallen victim to many different types of accidents. Though you never expect your child to be hurt in a bounce house, it is a reality for many children and parents every year. These popular rentals for children’s parties and other events can quickly become a hazard to the children that utilize them. Parents and guardians should be aware that there are many options available for them after their child has been hurt in an accident. Please contact us today to find out more information.

Bounce House Injuries Affecting California Children

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 18,000 emergency room visits stem from bounce house accidents each year in the U.S. Though these areas can be fun for children throughout California enjoying time at birthday parties and other social events, they can also cause serious harm when they are not utilized properly.

Some of the injuries that are frequently associated with bounce house accidents include the following:

  • Bruises and cuts
  • Broken bones in various areas of the body
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Paralysis
  • Death, in the most severe cases

There have been numerous cases where children have fallen from bounce houses or a house was lifted off of the ground due to strong winds, sending a child many feet into the air. The injuries associated with these accidents can be severe and long-lasting in nature.

Common Causes of Bounce House Injuries

Bounce houses are supposed to be a fun place for children to come together with no care in the world. However, in the blink of an eye, a simple mistake can lead to a traumatic and devastating accident that leads to serious injuries in a child. Common causes of accidents in bounce houses include:

  • Too many children inside the bounce house at one time
  • Lack of any adults supervising the bounce house
  • People of different ages and weights inside the house at the same time
  • Equipment failure
  • Faults in the installation process
  • Severe weather, such as high winds

Inflatable houses have risen in popularity over the years and now it is uncommon to miss one at an event involving children. This means that these accidents are happening more commonly than ever and precautions must be taken to protect children.

Who is Liable for a Bounce House Accident?

When it comes to your child’s well-being and the future of their claim, you may wonder how you can move forward with a lawsuit for damages. Being able to prove that another party acted negligent and is liable for your child’s accident is vital in your claim. You will have to show that the party owed your child a duty of care and failed to uphold this duty, leading to their accident.

The following parties may be held liable for accidents involving bounce houses in California:

  • Bounce house operators and supervisors
  • Equipment owners
  • Installers
  • Renters who leased the bounce house
  • Manufacturer of a faulty product
  • Property owner where the accident occurred

Of course, one or more parties could be liable for your child’s accident. This is why it is crucial that you have a legal advocate on your side during these complex times, as it can be incredibly beneficial to your claim.

Contact a California Child Injury Lawyer Today

After your child has been hurt in a California bounce house accident, you may be feeling frustrated and alone. This is perfectly normal, as any parent would wonder what next steps they should take to protect their child’s rights. At Maison Law, our California child injury lawyers are here to assist you during this challenging time in your life. We offer quality representation and will provide you the resources you need through every step of this process. Please contact us today for a free and completely confidential case review that you and your family need to get back on your feet.

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