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Children Injured in Bicycle Accidents in California

The California Office of Traffic Safety has been taking measures to ensure that bicyclists are kept safe from harm throughout the state, such as implementing programs and raising awareness to driver’s responsibilities. Since 2010, statistics show that there has been a 60% increase in bicyclist fatalities in California. Especially when children are biking, there are many risks to these vulnerable parties.

At Maison Law, we offer representation to victims of bicycle accidents in California. If you know a child who has been injured in one of these life-altering accidents, it is crucial that you understand your legal rights moving forward.

Injuries Children Commonly Sustain in Bicycle Accidents

No matter what circumstances led to a bicycle accident involving a child and a vehicle, the injuries can be catastrophic. A child can quickly be tossed onto the road before them, leading to some of the following severe injuries:

  • Spinal cord injuries, such as paralysis
  • Facial injuries
  • Fractures to the clavicle, arm, wrist, or hands
  • Internal organ damage

In some cases, a child’s life may even be taken due to a bicycle accident involving a vehicle. Because these accidents are so severe, both children and drivers have to utilize the roads as safely as possible.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents Involving Children

Children are required to wear a helmet while cycling if they are under 18 years old. However, a helmet will not always fully protect a child from harm if they are involved in a bicycle accident involving a large passenger vehicle. When a vehicle is involved in one of these collisions, the injuries tend to be incredibly traumatic. There are many types of bicycle accidents that affect children every year in California, such as the following:

Distracted Driving: A driver can become distracted by many things, from cell phones to other passengers in their vehicle. However, drivers are always supposed to abide by the rules of the road so that bicycle accidents can be prevented. A driver who is traveling distracted might not see a child until it is too late. 

Speeding Drivers: When a driver is traveling over the speed limit, they might not be able to react quickly when a child veers out onto the road on a bicycle. Drivers are supposed to always abide by the speed limits so that these accidents can be prevented. 

Risky Road Areas: There are some areas of a road where child bicycle accidents are more likely to occur such as sidewalks, parking lot entrances, and private driveways. Children should always be on the lookout for vehicles in these areas.

Inexperience: Children on bicycles are already at risk but there is more of a risk to their life when there are inexperienced drivers on our roads. They might not see a child until it is too late, leading to a dangerous situation.

Intoxication: A driver who is traveling while intoxicated might not obey the rules of the road, putting children and others at risk.

A Driver’s Duty Around Children on Our Roads

When a driver is traveling around children, they are supposed to do whatever it takes to increase their duty of care. This is why there are rules for drivers in school zones, such as special speed limits. However, even when a driver is out of a school zone, they are supposed to take special precautions in areas where children may appear. A children can appear on a road at any time, which can surprise a driver. It is crucial that road laws are abided by so that children can always be kept safe from harm.

If a Child is Struck by a Driver in a Bicycle Accident

There are some important steps that you should take if a child is injured in a bicycle accident. This is to protect their well-being first and foremost. It can also help them in the future of their personal injury claim.

  • Call 911 for emergency assistance. Even if you believe that a child isn’t hurt due to an accident, the injuries just might not be present. It is important that a physician at a doctor’s office or hospital sees the child immediately.
  • Ensure that the child is off the road and as safe as possible.
  • Gather evidence that can be useful in your case such as contact information on the person who struck the child and any witnesses at the scene. Parents or guardians should also take pictures of the location where the accident occurred, damages to any vehicles, and injuries to the child.
  • Speak with a legal advocate as soon as possible to find out more information on your rights at this time.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can quickly become complex matters that you are not prepared to face on your own. These accidents and their resulting claims can be even more complex when a child is involved and sustains injuries.

Our California bicycle accident lawyers at Maison Law have compassionately protected the rights of many bicycle accident victims in California over the years. When an unexpected bicycle accident occurs, a child may be left with painful injuries and a long road to recovery. Our trustworthy attorneys will stand by your side as you navigate the legal system. We offer you a completely confidential and free consultation. Please contact us today for the help you deserve at this time.

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