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Rear-End Accidents in California

We all endure enough stress and tension in our lives without the additional burdens that are imposed on us when we become a victim of a rear-end accident. As an experienced California car accident lawyer at Maison Law can confirm, even a light rear-end impact can cause injuries to an occupant of the front car, especially if there isn’t an opportunity to make an evasive maneuver or prepare for that impact.

Rear-End Accident Statistics

The higher that the speed of the following vehicle is at the time of impact, the higher the likelihood is that injuries in the lead vehicle will be serious. Most of the time, the lead vehicle is stopped and the following driver is distracted. At other times, the lead vehicle is moving, but the following driver isn’t maintaining a proper interval. According to the National Highway Transportation Administration, rear-end collisions account for nearly 30% of all motor vehicle collisions that result in serious injuries. They consist of 7% of all traffic accident deaths and 20% of all traffic accident fatalities in crashes involving two vehicles.

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

The most common injury suffered in rear-end collisions is a hyperflexion-hyperextension injury to the neck, commonly known as whiplash. This type of injury is caused by sudden and violent thrusting of the head forward and then back again from a rear-end impact. Tendons, ligaments, and muscles are stretched to the point of microscopic tearing.

Pain and discomfort can last from two months to several years. If there is spinal disc involvement that requires surgery, it might last a lifetime. Here are some other injuries that are commonly suffered in rear-end accidents follow:

  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Lower back injuries.
  • Vertebral compression fractures.
  • Hand and wrist fractures.
  • Shoulder rotator cuff tears.
  • Rib fractures.
  • Wrongful death.

Damages in Rear-End Accident Cases

In nearly all rear-end accident cases, victims aren’t going to have difficulty proving liability. That doesn’t mean that they won’t encounter strong resistance to the nature and extent of the damages that they claim. Being a personal injury law firm, Maison Law encounters complicated damages issues on a daily basis.

You can’t just walk into a courtroom with a stack of papers and tell the judge and jury that those are your damages. Evidentiary foundations must be laid. At Maison Law, we know how to lay the foundations necessary to put various damages into evidence. In California, those damages might consist of the following:

  • Past and future medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Past and future lost earnings as a result of the accident.
  • Any permanent disfigurement or disability that was caused by the accident.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Any permanency of injuries.
  • Other damages in the vent of wrongful death.

An experienced insurance defense lawyer will try to whittle your damages down piece by piece. That’s exactly what will happen if you try to assert your own insurance claim or lawsuit. A perfectly compensable personal injury case will be reduced to little or nothing. That’s why you should contact us at Maison Law after being injured in any rear-end accident anywhere in California.

We’ll be happy to consult with you at no cost about what happened to you and how you have been injured. We promise to answer your questions truthfully too. After that, we can advise you on how we think that your accident and injuries should be approached. Contact Maison Law right away after being injured in any rear-end accident anywhere in California. Our objective is to maximize the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

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