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Ultimate Guide For Pregnant Women In Car Accidents In California

Pregnant mothers don’t usually get to take their entire pregnancies off to see to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their unborn children. California moms often continue working, running family errands, and transporting their children to school. They might end up doing a lot of driving before giving birth.

Mothers try to travel as safely as possible, but sadly, pregnant women are still placed at risk by the careless mistakes of other drivers. They can suffer more severe injuries in collisions on California freeways and boulevards. Their unborn children may suffer harm and miscarriages and fetal trauma are also possible.

When expectant mothers are placed in jeopardy by an accident, it’s critical that they receive the treatment they need for their own bodies and the health of their growing fetuses.

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We want to handle the frustration of accident injury claims for pregnant mothers so they can focus on healing and bringing a healthy child into the world. Contact us as soon as possible for a free, no-obligation accident consultation for pregnant mothers and their family members. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your injury may be worth and how to hold a car insurance company fully responsible for an injury to a mother or to an unborn child.

California Car Accident Dangers for Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant women travel California roads each day. Unfortunately, they are subjected to the same unsafe California drivers that every motorist faces. A distracted driver can miss a traffic light changing from green to red and plow into the back of a stopped car, endangering a pregnant driver or passenger. A mother may slam hard into a steering wheel or dash.

A speeding driver may lose control of an SUV and sideswipe a car in the next lane. A mother-to-be could be knocked into a car door or have her stomach compressed by a seat belt. These blunt force traumas and other injury types put a mother a risk of losing the unborn life growing inside her.

Research conducted by the University of Michigan Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that around 370 fetuses died each year as a result of car crashes in the United States. As many as 7% of women are the victims of car crashes while they are pregnant. That means an estimated 170,000 car crashes in the U.S. involve mothers-to-be each year.

The study shows that children still in the womb have a greater chance of dying from car crashes than the chances children have of dying in a car or bicycle accident over their first year of life.

What to Do If You Are a Pregnant Mother in a California Car Accident

After a scary traffic accident on a California street, pregnant mothers may be left in pain or even unconscious. But if they are left physically strong enough, there are actions mothers can take on the scene of their accidents to make sure they are supported in the aftermath.

As a pregnant mother you should, of course, see to your own safety, and the safety of your unborn child first. If an accident leaves your car in a spot where it may be hit again, try to drive to a safer place such as to the curb or off the road entirely. It may be safer to stay in your vehicle until the scene is secure unless you are in immediate danger if you remain.

Then if you are able, try to gather some evidence on the scene. This evidence may disappear once your accident scene is cleared, so if you can, collect these details:

  • Call for police or California Highway Patrol response. Dial 911 no matter how minor you think the accident is. Tell investigating officers everything you can remember about what happened, including if you saw the at-fault driver looking at a cellphone screen or driving recklessly. Officers will prepare a collision report that your California Car Accident Attorney will use later as evidence.
  • Get checked out by ambulance crews. Make sure they know you are pregnant. Go to the emergency room if necessary. Ask someone with you or a helpful witness to gather evidence for you if you are transported from the scene.
  • Secure contact information from witnesses. Your California accident attorney will be reaching out to them later for testimony.
  • The officer on the scene should provide you with the other driver’s license and insurance information. If you aren’t given this information, try to get it yourself.
  • Take photos of the scene. Show your visible injuries and any redness or swelling on your stomach. Take pictures of the damaged cars and street signs. If it is unsafe to leave your vehicle, you can probably get helpful photos from your car seat.
  • See your own family doctor and your obstetrician. You may have injuries that paramedics don’t discover. You may have a hairline fracture or a traumatic brain injury that begins to hurt the day after an accident. Get your baby’s health checked out in full. Keep all medical receipts.

What types of injuries can expectant mothers suffer in a California car accident?

Some of the injuries a mother-to-be will suffer in a blunt force trauma of a car accident will be easy to spot. Other injuries will need to be diagnosed in an emergency room or in a doctor’s office.

These are some of the potential injuries and symptoms experienced by pregnant mothers and their babies after a car accident:

  • Abdominal pain.
  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge.
  • Urinary problems.
  • Changes in fetal movement.
  • Changes in the heart rate of the child.
  • Direct trauma to the fetus during a collision can cause injuries.
  • Uterus damage. The uterus is enlarged while a woman is pregnant. It’s more vulnerable to injury during this time. An injury can terminate a pregnancy.
  • An impact can cause premature birth, putting the child and mother at risk.
  • Placental abruption. The placenta separates from the uterus before a baby is born. Babies may suffer from a lack of oxygen and nutrients. Early delivery may be necessary.

With such serious consequences possible, your California Pregnancy Injury Lawyer would seek out the best medical experts. Their testimony would be used to make sure you received the care and support necessary to have the best chance at a healthy delivery.

Compensation Available for Pregnant Mothers After California Car Accidents

Car accident victims in California can usually count on having their hospital care covered by an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. This is a basic right that insurance companies should never be able to deny.

The medical support needed by pregnant car accident victims can be many times over what a normal patient would require. Doctor bills must be paid, but those bills can be much more expensive as a mother is monitored for potentially life-threatening health concerns.

These are just a few of additional medical expenses and support that may be part of a California car accident injury settlement for a pregnant victim:

  • Compensation for all current medical bills and those expected in the coming months. Your California car accident attorney would ask for additional compensation so that doctors can continue to monitor your condition as you approach the delivery day. Ultrasounds and other prenatal testing will be expensive but necessary for a mother who has been in a serious accident.
  • Emotional Support for the mother. A frightening accident and a difficult recovery might leave a mother with emotional trauma causing depression and worry. The anxiety created by concerns over an unborn child will be considerable.
  • Support for a mother’s lost wages and benefits. Doctors may put a mother on bed rest for the final weeks of her pregnancy. This will mean a mother won’t be able to go to work to earn a paycheck. This lost income must be returned to the family in full so they don’t get behind on medical bills or regular monthly payments right before a little bundle of joy is delivered. Families will face plenty of expenses in feeding and caring for a little one once the child is born. They don’t need additional debt caused in the aftermath of an accident.
  • Support for early delivery. Injured mothers may be advised to have their babies delivered by emergency c-section. The expense of this procedure and subsequent care for a mother and premature infant will be enormous. At-fault drivers and their insurance companies must be held accountable.
  • Medical care after a baby is born. Babies injured in a car accident while in the womb may face birth defects and development complications immediately. Their immediate care must be fully funded in a California car accident injury claim. A skilled California car accident lawyer would also seek medical testimony speaking to the medical care a growing child may need in the future. Settlement money should be set aside to treat any growth and development problems in the years to come.

Mothers will need to demand full compensation for their own injuries from a car accident. Serious injuries may affect their lives long after a healthy baby is delivered. Car accident victims can face permanent disabilities from broken bones and internal injuries. New mothers shouldn’t have to worry over their personal wellbeing after giving birth.

Mothers should also receive full financial support for the travel costs they build up while they are unable to drive. They may need help getting to dozens of doctor’s appointments and for trips to see out-of-city specialists.

Wrongful Death Claims After a Pregnant Mother Loses a Child in a Car Accident

Families who have a loved one taken from them in a tragic car accident are allowed to file a wrongful death claim to demand financial support from an at-fault driver. Many would argue a wrongful death claim should cover an unborn baby claimed by the injuries caused to a mother in a car collision.

Sadly, California courts have not granted this right to grieving parents who lose their unborn children to a negligent driver’s mistake.

However, mothers who suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth can still file a personal injury claim against the auto insurance provider for the driver to blame. A California Car Accident Attorney representing grieving mothers would ask for substantial injury support for the mother and the mother’s family.

Nothing can replace the life of a lost child, but victims should never have to pay for the hospital bills stemming from a mother’s care and the death of an unborn baby. Mothers should never face the emotional toll of losing a baby without the full support of those at-fault. Every financial burden a miscarriage cost a family in mourning could be a part of a car accident settlement.

How Long Do I Have to File an Injury Claim After Getting into a California Car Accident While Pregnant?

Two years. Mothers can wait 24 months to file an injury claim over an accident caused by a careless driver. It’s critical that mothers discuss their cases with a lawyer as soon as possible after the incident so they can determine when the best time to file will be.

Some mothers will need to wait to file an injury claim until after a baby is delivered. When doctors are unsure if an accident harmed a fetus, it’s sometimes best to wait until after a baby’s birth to decide how much in compensation you’ll ask for.

A child born in good health may not require compensation for additional health care in the years to come. However, if birth defects or health complications are detected, your California car accident lawyer would demand even more support from an insurance company.  You shouldn’t sign off on settlement money until you know the extent of potential injuries to your child.

Should I Wear a Seatbelt While I’m Pregnant?

Mothers should wear seatbelts. Seatbelts can injure an unborn baby, but the lifesaving protection for the mother outweighs the potential dangers. Babies need a healthy mom.

Seatbelts should be worn under the belly and across the hips to prevent injury. The lap belt should never run across the belly. The shoulder strap should run between the mother’s breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions by Pregnant Drivers

Should I give a statement to the car insurance company after I’m in an accident while pregnant?

No. The at-fault driver’s insurance adjusters will call you asking for a recorded statement. Decline. They hope that you say something they can twist to use against you later. You may hurt your injury claim by talking.

Can I get an X-ray or CT Scan After a Car Accident If I’m Pregnant?

You may need an X-ray or CT scan to identify certain injuries after a car accident. Most of these scans pose little threat to an unborn baby. It’s important to talk to your radiologist about the different risk levels for CT scans in different parts of the body.

Should I do everything my doctor recommends after being in a car accident while I’m pregnant?

Yes. You should follow your doctor’s orders. See specialists and get any procedure deemed necessary. You must show the car insurance company that you did everything possible to treat your injuries. They could claim your injuries were severe because you didn’t seek proper medical care.

Contact a California Car Accident Lawyer Serving Pregnant Mothers

If you’re a pregnant mother forced into a serious car accident by a careless driver, don’t face your recovery alone. An at-fault driver’s car insurance provider must be held responsible for every cost of care for an injured mother and the damage caused to an unborn child.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always want to accept the responsibility for a mother’s injuries after a collision. The California Car Accident Lawyers at Maison Law make sure they can’t escape liability for what happened to you and your baby.

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