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Accidents on Highways in California

At Maison Law, we understand that a car accident occurring on a major California highway can be an impactful time in your life. It can be terrifying to deal with the aftermath of a car accident, especially one that has caused injuries and other serious damages. It is not unusual to question how you will make ends meet following a collision. Contact us today to find out how you can move forward with a claim and make sure that liable parties are held responsible.

Dangerous Highways in California

Many winding highways throughout California lead to dangerous car accidents involving several vehicles. A study conducted in recent years by MoneyGeek showed that there are several highways in California that are more dangerous than others, which include the following:

  • Interstate 280 through San Jose
  • Interstate 605 in the Cerritos area
  • Interstate 215 in San Bernardino
  • Interstate 5 near Sacramento
  • Interstate 15 toward Hesperia

In these areas especially, highway-related accidents lead to injuries and fatalities more common than in other areas. When these accidents cause severe results, many victims or their families are left wondering where they can turn.

Major Types of Car Accidents on California Highways

By understanding the many types of accidents that occur on California highways, drivers can keep risks in mind and try to work to prevent these accidents. Some highway-related accidents are more common than others due to the speed posted in these areas and a variety of other reasons, most of which involve driver negligence. These include the following:

  • Sideswipe Accidents: These accidents involve vehicles traveling in the same direction on California highways. A driver suddenly travels out of their lane and into the lane of a second vehicle. Sometimes drivers drift due to distracted driving or driving under the influence. Other times, these accidents happen due to drivers failing to check their blind spots as they are merging.
  •  Head-on Collisions: These accidents are known for being some of the most dangerous that occur on highways and happen when two vehicles collide head-to-head with one another. In some cases, they happen when a driver is traveling in the wrong direction on the highway or passing when it is not safe to do so.
  •  Multi-Vehicle Collisions: Many accidents on California highways involve multiple vehicles. These accidents can involve immense force when the involved vehicles collide, leading to catastrophic results.
  •  Single-Car Accidents: These accidents only involve one vehicle and occur due to many reasons such as hazards on the roadway, drunk driving, and drivers who are traveling over the posted speed limit. One example of a single-car accident is when a driver loses control and their vehicle rolls over either on the highway or off the side of the highway.
  • Defective Highways: Highways can contain defects due to poor road maintenance or design. In these cases, a local or federal government could be responsible for an accident.

Common Injuries Following California Highway Accidents

Because highway accidents can happen at high speeds and involve immense force, they are likely to lead to some of the most traumatic injuries when they happen. The injuries that stem from these accidents can range anywhere from minor to life-threatening, lasting weeks, months, or even years. These include some of the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions or permanent brain damage
  • Broken bones, which cause pain and sometimes require surgery
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal organ damage, which can be fatal in some cases

It is important to remember that the injuries you sustain in a highway accident might not be readily apparent from the moment of your accident. This is why you should always seek immediate medical attention after an accident so that you can protect your health and well-being, as well as protect your rights in the future of your claim.

Protecting Your Car Accident Claim

Your health should be your number one priority after a highway accident in California. However, you want to ensure that you also protect your rights and help your future case move forward. Here are some useful steps to remember after a car accident on a major California highway:

  • Seek medical attention from a healthcare professional as soon as possible.
  • Call the police, who will write up a report concerning your accident.
  • Collect as much evidence that you can at the scene, such as witness information and photographs of road conditions at the time.
  • Speak with witnesses and collect information that can strengthen your claim and help you gain useful testimony.

Contact a California Car Accident Lawyer Immediately

After all other steps have been accounted for following a car accident on a California highway, it is crucial that you speak with a lawyer who has handled these claims previously. A knowledgeable California car accident lawyer at Maison Law can provide you with necessary resources and help you determine liability in your case.

On top of the other help that an attorney can offer you, they can also negotiate with the insurance company to help you gain the best results in your case. The insurance company may be offering you much less than you deserve in damages or trying to deny your claim altogether. We are here to represent you from start to finish. Please contact us for the help you need during these difficult times.

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