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Head-On Accidents in California

A head-on collision is the most dangerous and horrific type of motor vehicle accident imaginable. If you were injured in a head-on collision anywhere in California, or if you lost a family member in such a tragedy, contact Maison Law for the immediate legal help that you need.

California Head-On Accident Statistics

The California Highway Patrol recorded an astonishing 13,543 head-on collisions in Los Angeles County alone between 2017 and 2018. A total of 183 deaths resulted from those collisions, and 4,615 victims suffered visible injuries. More than 57% of all head-on collision victims claimed personal injuries.

As recently as January 6, 2021, five people from the same family were killed in a head-on collision between a pickup truck and a semi-trailer on Interstate 5 in Fresno County. The pickup had apparently crossed over into the path of the semi-trailer.

Common Head-On Crash Injuries

Regardless of whether a vehicle has front airbags, severe head, neck, and spinal cord injuries can be caused by head-on collisions. Other injuries include facial fractures, rib, pelvis, and leg fractures, damage to internal organs, and multiple serious lacerations with the likelihood of scarring from the impact and flying glass. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that head-on collisions also carry the highest fatality rate out of all other types of motor vehicle collisions.

Seeking Compensation for Damages After a Head-on Collision

Most head-on crashes are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel, being distracted, improperly passing, or by drivers who are drunk, high or both. California allows victims who have been injured by the carelessness and negligence of others to seek the following types of damages:

  • Past and future medical bills resulting from the crash.
  • Past and future lost earnings related to the crash.
  • Any permanent, disfigurement, disability or both.
  • Pain and suffering resulting from the accident and injuries.
  • Loss of enjoyment of a normal life.
  • Funeral and burial costs and other valuable damages in the event of wrongful death.
  • Punitive damages might be allowed under certain circumstances like an accident and injuries that were caused by a drunk driver.

Insurance companies are in business to make as much money as possible. They don’t do that by voluntarily paying out large sums of money to compensate injury victims. If you try to take even the first step on your own in approaching an insurance company, it will use strategies against you that are designed to devalue your case.

After being injured in a head-on crash, or losing a loved one in such a tragedy, contact us at Maison Law as soon as you can to talk about the accident and what it has done to you and your family. That consultation comes with no cost whatsoever. We promise to listen to you closely and answer your questions truthfully.

We also promise that if we’re retained to represent you or your family, we’ll work toward the maximum compensation that is available for your injuries and losses. Don’t try to take that first step alone. Contact us at Maison Law after being injured or losing a loved one in any head-on accident anywhere in California.

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