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Emotional Impact of a Car Accident

  The physical impact of a devastating car accident is often easy to see. Victims may have visible cuts, scratches, and bruises. They might have a cast on broken bones. They may be moving very slowly or with a noticeable limp as they heal. The emotional damages suffered on the day of an accident and during a painful recovery may not be as noticeable, but they are just as real. Maison Law fights for car accident victims to earn them the injury compensation they need to pay off their medical bills. We also make sure victims receive full support for the emotional trauma they can endure after a terrible crash.

Talk to a Real California Car Accident Lawyer in a Free Consultation

After a serious accident leaves you or a loved one with physical injuries and emotional trauma, make sure you speak with a California Car Accident Lawyer. Insurance companies representing the at-fault driver will work to downplay your bodily injuries and might even try to dismiss the emotional distress you are left with. Contact Maison Law to set up a free consultation as soon as possible. It’s a no-risk way to determine what your case and your emotional hardships are worth in a settlement. Don’t accept an unfair settlement for your damages until going over the benefits available to you and your family with a skilled legal representative. There’s no obligation, but if you decide Maison Law can help you earn more for your accident claim, you won’t need any upfront money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

Emotional Damages in a California Car Accident

The scars of a rear-end crash or a head-on collision are sometimes easy to spot. But the emotional trauma a frightening accident causes is harder to identify and treat. Victims hurt by a reckless driver’s mistake will have an easier time showing the economic damages they’ve endured. This includes hospital bills they’ll get receipts for. Emotional damage doesn’t always come with an invoice, but a skilled California Car Accident Lawyer makes sure clients receive full support for what they are left to cope with. There isn’t always physical proof available to show the extent of emotional damage, but that doesn’t mean car insurance companies for at-fault drivers can ignore it. Patients should receive compensation for the trauma they endure and money to pay for mental health therapy from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Emotional damage goes much further than just sad or anxious thoughts. These and other hardships must be considered when a car accident settlement is negotiated:
  • Depression – An injury that changes someone’s entire lifestyle can make life emotionally difficult. It’s often hard to keep a bright outlook when pain and seemingly endless physical struggles keep you from doing the things you love. Depression is treatable and treatment costs must be the responsibility of auto insurance providers.
  • Anxiety – Victims may feel stressed or agitated at random times after a car accident. There may be no immediate explanation for these anxious thoughts, but they can often be traced back to a traumatic event. These symptoms are possible even after a relatively minor crash.
  • PTSD Symptoms – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychological condition that can develop in victims after living through a devastating crash. They may relive the events of a crash over and over again. Victims will experience mood swings and panic weeks or months after a collision. Victims with PTSD can earn compensation for their pain.
  • Developing a Phobia – Car crash victims may face intense fear and anxiety when they think about getting behind the wheel again. They could panic simply being a passenger in a car.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life – A long and difficult recovery or suffering a permanent physical disability can, understandably, make life challenging. Patients will strive to keep a positive attitude, but constant pain and a loss of function or mobility will take their toll. Victims may get down while being unable to enjoy the hobbies they used to or participate in family activities.
  • Loss of Consortium – This is a hardship that the family members of victims experience. It refers to the loss of a close relationship family members once had due to the physical and emotional changes a victim goes through. Loss of Consortium is most often used when referring to the loss of intimacy spouses and partners may experience after a car crash.
  • Chronic Pain – Even the most positive patient can be worn down by constant pain. Victims must receive money to pay for the best medical procedures available to reduce that pain. They’ll need coverage for ongoing prescriptions for pain medication. They should also have the funds to get psychological help while trying to cope.

Earning Accident Compensation for Emotional Trauma

It would be nice if all of these symptoms disappeared over time. But not all emotional distress caused by living through a crash goes away. Patients who experience debilitating emotional symptoms might be unable to drive for years after an accident. They could be unable to commute to work. They may struggle to be out in crowds after such a traumatic experience. If you have these symptoms it may be very hard for you to earn a living, support your family, and enjoy family life. You should never face these hardships alone, no matter how long the distress continues. Victims suffering from mental pain and anguish should receive full support for their symptoms, but a skilled California car accident attorney will also demand compensation for things you may not have considered:
  • All medical costs and the expense of psychiatric rehabilitation and other wellness therapy.
  • Estimates for a lifetime of support if an injury causes a permanent physical disability and the potential for long-term emotional struggles.
  • Travel costs to medical appointments and therapy sessions. This may be an ongoing expense if patients struggle to take the driver’s seat again.
  • The cost of car repair or replacement.
These economic factors and any non-economic factors are all listed and included in an injury claim. Each factor is used to determine how much you and your family receive in a settlement check. It’s critical that you work with a skilled lawyer as an insurance company extends settlement offers to you. These offers may only cover one night in an emergency room when you’ve got physical and emotional pain to deal with for months to come. Your attorney rejects these “lowball” offers and demands everything you’ll need to rebuild your life.

Contact a California Car Accident Lawyer When Experiencing Emotional Trauma After a Crash

If a careless driver leaves you or a loved one with physical injuries and emotional trauma, be sure to speak with a California Car Accident Lawyer about the benefits available to you. Insurance adjusters will attempt to devalue your emotional struggles. A skilled attorney forces them to accept responsibility for every physical and emotional hardship you’ve faced. Schedule a free consultation with Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, as soon as possible. Mr. Gasparian can help you determine what your physical and mental suffering should be worth. There’s no obligation for this case review and your consultation is completely confidential.
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