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Who is at Fault for a Chain-Reaction Crash in California

Chain-reaction accidents are when three or more vehicles collide with each other. They usually result when one car rear-ends another car, and that middle car pushes into a third car. Like most rear-end car accidents, the carelessness and negligence of one driver is the cause of the occurrence, but in a daisy chain scenario, at least three vehicles receive damage.
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A Chain-Reaction Accident Example

The following example of a chain-reaction accident is going to help you understand how they occur:
Driver #1 rear-ends driver #2 while waiting at a stop light. The impact was of enough force and speed to cause driver #2’s car to shoot forward crashing into the rear of the vehicle in front, driven by driver #3.
In this scenario, driver #1 would likely be liable for any injuries and damages received by drivers #2 and #3. Driver #1 failed to reduce his or her speed to avoid an accident. But what if driver #2 was still moving forward at the time of impact? Then driver #2 might receive a percentage of liability.

Deciding on Who Was at Fault for the Chain-Reaction Collision

As in other car accidents, there are various indicators of who might be at fault in a chain-reaction collision. These might include the following:
  • Any admissions of fault made to investigating police officers by the drivers.
  • Any statements made by witnesses to the crash.
  • Photos of property damage to the vehicles.
  • Any traffic, security, or dash cam footage of the events leading up to the accident and the accident itself.
  • Whether driver #3 testifies that he or she felt one impact or two impacts.
After any accident, call 911 and ask that both police and paramedics show up at the scene. Police can investigate the accident and write up their report. Paramedics can treat you at the scene and get you to a nearby emergency room for diagnostics and further care and treatment.
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