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Instacart Accidents in Central Valley

Instacart is a great choice for those who don’t want to get into traffic just to pick up a few items at the store. In Visalia, for example, the user can order from their app to get items at Costco, Save Mart, and Bevmo delivered to your door in about an hour.

While this is a great service to anyone who doesn’t have a car or just plain wants to stay home, all those extra cars out on the street increase the risk of an accident for everyone.

Delivery drivers need to move fast to make good money, and this means an increased risk for drivers and pedestrians.

Who Pays if You’re in an Accident with an Instacart Delivery Driver?

Instacart, like other similar services, uses independent contractors to deliver their goods. This is great for keeping operating costs down, which keeps the costs down for their clients. If you had to pay $25 instead of $10 to have your groceries delivered, you might not use their service.

As independent contractors, drivers are required to have their own auto insurance and are not covered under a company policy. Unless the driver specifically paid for a commercial policy, their insurance company won’t cover damages that occur while they are working.

What Can I Do if I’m Injured by an Instacart Driver?

First, seek out medical treatment for any injuries. Be sure to keep thorough records of the accident and your medical bills.

Next, find an attorney who can help you navigate your options. They will help you to find out if the driver purchased commercial auto accident insurance.

If you find yourself in a situation where they did not purchase commercial insurance, there could be alternative options for seeking compensation for your injuries.

Instacart Injuries

There are two primary ways one can be injured by Instacart, and depending on the circumstances, there are different ways to get compensation.

Instacart Driver Injuries

If the driver is wrongfully hired, then the victim can sue if he or she was in an auto accident with the driver. Otherwise, the driver’s commercial policy will pay for your injuries, If there is no commercial policy, then you can use your own UM/UIM if you have it.

Instacart Shopper Injuries

Instacart hires shoppers to fill some of the orders for their customers. These employees don’t deliver and are paid by the hour. If, for example, the employee knocks over a display and you are injured, then you can sue Instacart directly.

If you’ve been injured by an Instacart shopper or driver, you need to talk to an attorney. Don’t take the word of the insurance adjuster that there is no coverage and you are on your own. Get an attorney who knows the law and can get you compensation.

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