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GrubHub Accidents in the Central Valley

Small towns and cities make up the backbone of the Central Valley, and most people have no desire to be like the big cities. However, sometimes this means that they miss out on some of the latest trends and conveniences like app-based food delivery services like GrubHub.

However, over the years, app-based food delivery services have found their way to some of the cities in the valley like Tulare, Hanford Visalia and Merced, and they’ve been a big hit. They allow the hardworking people in the valley to come home and make some swipes on an app and order food from their favorite restaurant.

The downside to this is that, just like the big cities, more cars on the streets means a higher risk of accidents. GrubHub is one of those food delivery services that have invaded the small towns in the Central Valley.

How are Delivery Driver Accidents Happening in the Valley?

GrubHub delivers prepared food, so most of their deliveries take place during peak driving hours. This puts more cars on the streets with the commuters and increases the risk of an accident.

GrubHub drivers get paid for each delivery, so the faster they deliver, the more money they make. This increases certain behavior that can causer accidents.

  • Driving too fast
  • Eating or talking to someone in the car
  • Texting/Calling
  • Looking at GPS or cell phone
  • Sleepy driving

How am I Getting Compensated for a GrubHub Delivery Accident?

GrubHub is a big corporation and has the resources to pay for their driver’s negligence. However, GrubHub hires independent contractors to drive for them, and this means that the company isn’t responsible for the acts of their drivers.

So if you get injured because of the driver’s negligence, then you have to get compensation from the driver and not GrubHub.

Delivery Driver’s Personal Insurance

GrubHub requires each driver to have their own insurance to pay for any accidents that are the fault of the driver. In California, the minimum required insurance is $15,000 per injured individual and $30,000 for the accident. This doesn’t leave much if the injuries are serious or there is more than one person injured.

Another problem that comes up is that if the driver doesn’t inform his insurance company that the car is being used for commercial purposes, then the policy won’t cover the accident. This sometimes leaves the victim with no compensation.

Suing GrubHub

If you can prove that GrubHub negligently hired the driver by not properly screening him or her, then you might be able to get compensation from the company. This is going to be difficult because you also have to prove that the negligent hiring was the cause of the accident.

If you can’t find something GrubHub did that was negligent, then you have to look elsewhere for compensation.

The Victim’s Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist’s Coverage Policy

It’s possible that your own insurance might provide compensation if you have uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverage. This will pay you for bodily injury and other financial losses if you are in an auto accident and there is no insurance or too little insurance.

If you’ve been injured by a GrubHub delivery driver and have been told there is no coverage of there is too little coverage, then you need to speak to an attorney right away so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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