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DoorDash Accidents in Central Valley

DoorDash drivers are all over the Central Valley. For customers in Visalia, Merced, and Hanford—to name a few—DoorDash is a popular way to get local food without having to fight traffic and risk an accident. The only problem is, when people do venture out, they have to contend with all the extra delivery vehicles.

DoorDash contracts with drivers who log into an app pick up a delivery. The driver picks up the food from any of the participating restaurants and delivers it to the customer’s home. Like other delivery services, they only get paid for doing deliveries. This can encourage drivers to cut a few corners.

Some of the most common causes of a DoorDash accident in the Central Valley are:

  • Speeding: There is an incentive to deliver quickly which can tempt the driver to hit the gas pedal.
  • Distracted Driving: Looking at the DoorDash app, Google Maps, texting, or even fiddling with the radio. There are many ways a DoorDash driver can get distracted.
  • Drowsy Driving: Most DoorDash drivers have other jobs, and driving after a long workday can cause fatigue.
  • Impairment: Unfortunately, any driver can be impaired, but when it’s a delivery driver, they are out on the road for most of the night creating more risk.

Who Pays for a DoorDash Accident?

If the DoorDash Driver is at fault, then his or her insurance will pay for the damages as a primary source of insurance, and then DoorDashe’s excess auto insurance will pay for all damages if their driver is at fault. This policy goes up to $1 million but operates on top of the driver’s insurance.

DoorDash requires that all contractors have personal auto insurance, and if it lapses, then the contract will be terminated. DoorDash will only pay for their driver’s accident if the driver was in possession of the delivery item at the time of the accident and that the driver’s insurance was active.

If the driver’s insurance lapses and the driver gets into an accident, then the victim won’t have any coverage because DoorDash won’t cover if the driver’s insurance isn’t current.

What to Do if You are Injured by a DoorDash Driver

If you get hit by a DoorDash driver in the Central Valley, if you can, get as much information on the scene as possible. Obviously, if you are seriously injured, then seek immediate medical attention. Then when you catch your breath, talk to an attorney who can advise you of your rights and can navigate the complex insurance policies and rules.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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