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What To Know When Filing An Accident Claim With Kemper Insurance in California

After getting into a collision on a California freeway, highway, or street your first concern will be to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of any other victims. Your next concern will likely have to do with the at-fault driver’s insurance situation. If he or she has insurance and if so, what sort of insurance.

Kemper Insurance specializes in providing coverage to people who might otherwise struggle to get insurance. Like many insurance companies, they didn’t get into the business to help injured victims get the support they need. They are in business to make as much money as possible.

Tactics to Beware of When Dealing with Kemper Insurance After an Accident

That dedication to the bottom line is great for shareholders, but very bad for you once you’ve been hurt by a Kemper Insurance driver. Insurance phone representatives go right to work seeking to weaken your insurance claim and cast doubt on your version of what happened.

If they can get you to accept some blame in an accident, or 100% of the blame, they’ll save their company thousands of dollars. All money that comes from your own pocket as you pay hospital bills and cover your lost wages while you miss shifts at work.

One way they can discredit your claim is to steer you into making a statement about the accident that can be twisted to hurt your case. They’ll call you asking for a recorded statement on what happened and get you talking about your injuries. They hope you make a statement they can playback later to prove whatever point they deem helpful in denying compensation to you.

What Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

California law doesn’t require insurance agents to reveal everything available to you after an accident. They don’t even have to inform you of your rights as a victim. It’s up to you to figure these things out, while also trying to complete a difficult recovery from a potentially major injury.

There are several factors insurance representatives with Kemper will try to keep you in the dark about. These are just a few of the omissions you should watch out for:

  • Won’t go over what your injury is worth – Treatment for major injuries including physical therapy, medical equipment, and even the expenses involved with a physical disability results in enormous expense. Care can cost thousands of dollars now and hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Insurance companies see these sorts of cases every day. They know what victims will need to cover all of their costs. Yet, they get away with offering much less in compensation to victims who have no way of knowing what’s ahead. These “bad faith” practices end up robbing thousands of accident victims a year.
  • Won’t bring up deadlines – California puts a statute of limitations on injury claims. Wait longer than two years from the day of your accident and you’ve likely lost all rights to file a claim for damages or a lawsuit against Kemper Insurance. There are other time limits that could affect your case. Kemper representatives won’t bother mentioning any of them, but your personal injury lawyer will be well aware and won’t let you miss an important deadline.
  • Won’t assign a true insurance agent to your case – Insurance companies rely on phone reps with no actual legal or insurance training. Each phone worker learns from a script and then partners with coworkers to keep you off balance. You’ll talk to a different person each time you call. In fact, smaller insurance companies are happy to employ fewer phone representatives and agents so that your claim takes longer and is more frustrating. They hope you just give up and turn to your own insurance company to get help. Having a personal injury lawyer cuts through this red tape.  Kemper Insurance will want an experienced agent talking to your attorney so that no mistakes are made.
  • Won’t bring up the “L” word. – Lawyer. Insurance companies assume you don’t have a personal injury lawyer and quickly work to throw every trick in the book at you. Once you do secure legal representation, things will change. For starters, you won’t have to talk to insurance adjusters anymore. You can focus on healing. Kemper Insurance will likely give up on its tactics and get serious about working out a settlement. A personal injury lawyer represents a bigger threat of litigation in a courtroom. Kemper representatives know that if you aren’t happy with the support they offer they can end up before a judge and that’s something they definitely want to avoid.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in California

Attorney Martin Gasparian wants to protect accident victims and their families from the bad behavior of insurance adjusters. Victims can be treated like a number instead of people who deserve compassion and support. Mr. Gasparian works for the benefit of each victim and is dedicated to earning them the most compensation possible for what they’ve been through.

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