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What To Know When Dealing with Allstate Insurance After A California Accident

Safe driving in California can be a big challenge. You can pay attention to all sides of your own vehicle, but you might have dozens of other drivers paying little attention, going too fast, or getting too aggressive.

Once you’ve been the victim of a collision you’re also at the mercy of the at-fault driver’s insurance company. They may maintain coverage with a large corporation like Allstate. If you’re injured, it could be a relief that the driver had insurance through a recognizable company. However, with Allstate, your frustration may just be starting.

Finding Assistance After a California Accident Involving Allstate

You may associate Allstate’s long history and visibility in television ads with dependability and trustworthiness. Yet, many injured victims have a difficult time convincing Allstate adjusters to treat them fairly and provide what’s needed in recovery.

You weren’t to blame for your accident and you shouldn’t face a financial disaster simply to pay for your recovery. To make sure Allstate is held accountable, talk with a personal injury lawyer who has experience forcing giant insurance companies into doing the right thing.

Contact Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and strategy session on your case. Mr. Gasparian founded Maison Law and takes great pride in helping normal people fight back against large companies. He believes clients should be informed of their rights as victims so that insurance companies can’t take advantage of them.

Allstate Insurance Tactics Over the Phone

The first insurance tactic you encounter when dealing with Allstate will appear to be a simple conversation. An insurance representative will call you to ask you how you are doing. Don’t fall for this seemingly innocent call. They’d love for you to agree to make a recorded statement on how your accident happened and the extent of your injuries.

Go ahead and decline this request. Allstate is fishing for a discrepancy in your statements. They can these statements later to try to prove you were to blame for your accident or that you weren’t really hurt as badly as you claim.

In the days after an accident, you may not know the true extent of your injuries. You should also leave the fault of an accident up to investigators. So, it’s better if you don’t give any statements on factors you won’t be sure about. Better to let your personal injury lawyer handle all communication with insurance adjusters.

Avoid Signing Hasty Allstate Settlement Offers

If you’ve suffered a major injury, Allstate may switch to a much faster strategy. The diagnosis of your injuries and the long-term care plan could still be up in the air. Insurance adjusters can see this as an opportunity to quickly extend you a settlement offer and get you to sign away your rights to more coverage.

They want you out of their hair before the true costs of your recovery are known. These are a few of the factors of your medical care they hope you don’t consider:

  • Extended Medical Treatment: Your medical care may require much more than a night in the emergency room. Your injury could send you to physical therapy for a month or more. You could need additional surgeries down the road. You may even face a permanent disability that affects you and your family for decades to come. Any insurance settlement must take these possibilities into consideration.
  • Lost Wages: As you face a pile of hospital bills, your income may suddenly run dry as you are forced to miss more and more time at work. Your normal monthly expenses like a car and credit card payments and the power bill may go unpaid. You may return to work and then have an injury relapse and lose out on even more paychecks. This process can quickly send you into bankruptcy. These factors should all figure into any settlement offer you agree to.
  • Emotional Trauma: This is another consequence of an accident that Allstate adjusters won’t bring up. The victims of a terrible crash can experience anxiety and depression in the days and weeks afterward. A severe injury can also affect the enjoyment of life for a victim. These hardships should factor into any award from an insurance company. The costs of psychological counseling can be part of the compensation an insurance company provides.

Contact a California Traffic Accident Lawyer

Demanding what’s fair from an insurance company like Allstate can take all of your attention when you should be focused on healing. A California car accident attorney like Martin Gasparian can take up this fight for you and make sure every cost of recovery is accounted for in your insurance claim.

Contact Maison Law for a free case evaluation that comes at no obligation to you. Allstate will have adjusters and corporate lawyers all looking for ways to rob you of compensation. You will have your own legal expert ready to fight back and earn everything you need to rebuild your life.

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